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I've posted about how I like the De La Cruz 10% sulfur ointment for treating acne. However, I've never been comfortable about the 90% Polyethylene Glycol absorbing into my skin.

So I picked up some powdered sulfur and figured I could easily make my own ointment with healthy ingredients. I'm no chemist, but I found that it dissolves beautifully in vegetable glycerin and since I love the effects of topical yogurt on my (and my son's) skin I also add that to the recipe. Here's my recipe for a 10% sulfur ointment:

1 part powdered sulfur

1 part vegetable glycerin

8 parts nonfat yogurt (I use plain Fage)

I use 1/4 teasoons for the "parts".

Dissolve the sulfur in the glycerin thoroughly (I use a popsicle stick), then stir in the yogurt.

I freeze this mixture by dropping 1/4 teaspoonfuls on parchment paper and storing in shallow container. It doesn't freeze hard, probably because of the glycerin.

My son and I are using it on my skin and so far so good. We leave it on for 10-15 minutes then rinse it off. This is similar to the instructions for the De La Cruz ointment. I'll soon try it for an overnight spot treatment. It goes on really smooth and is less granular than the De La Cruz.

Does anyone with knowledge of chemistry know if combining these ingredients negates any of the benefits and if freezing changes the structure of the ingredients after they've thawed?

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This formula is working out great. It is not a miracle of course, but it works great for blackheads, keeps pores clean without having to use a cleanser, and is a good spot treatment. The only drawback is the sulfur smell, but it's worth it. Sometimes I add a little strawberry juice to the formula to mask the smell. It's also dirt cheap.

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