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Acne Marks After Accutane Course

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finished accutane nearly 2 months ago was on 6month course for 2nd time acne gone (touch wood!) just acne marks left and my skin tone is uneven almost patchy... how long will this take to go??I remember a few months after my first course you literally couldn't tell i every had acne. Also i usually lighten hair on my face with hair bleach when can i start using this agian??

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I finished my accutane course 13 days ago.. I was on 40mgs for 4 months and had to come off it a month early because I got depression throughout my course!

I am now left with a face covered in red dark marks all over my face, the breakouts where that bad on accutane that every spot left a mark, big ones two.. Also my face is still very red and inflamed looking!

Honestly worst decision of my life:\ (at the moment)

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I'm not entirely sure as I haven't finished my course I'll give a little estimation or how long I would wait before bleaching anything

The bumps may take a few months in all honesty it depends how quickly your body is recovering

The bleaching I would say wait 2-3 months maybe to be on the safe side at the very least 2 if you get to two months and think your skin seems still dry etc or not how it was at the beginning of Accutane (minus the acne) then go ahead but if not I'd leave it for a while longer at the minimum to be safe two

Judging on the bumpiness I'd say 3 I know its a long wait but as you know your skin is very sensitive and still is as it hasn't had much time to recover from all the accutane drying the skin out

Hope I helped :)

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