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What Is Your Daily Routine Like?

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I've always wondered this for those who may be like me and have some sort of social anxiety disorder or just hate being out. Do you go to school, work? I am thinking of starting school this summer, well next semester since I finished high school late last year and since then I've been babysitting a couple of days a week but that's about it, I'm hopefully working soon but it's something I'm not looking forward to in the least. How is it that you do it? As in the people here who work and go to school but find it challenging? I'm just really nervous about what I'm going to have to deal with in the future but I don't want acne to stop me. Well sorry for the ranting but I'd appreciate it greatly to hear your daily routines, Maybe it will get me inspired and give me some courage.

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You go, because you want to go to learn something. While you do that you avoid people that judge you on your appearance and you try to find people who do not do that. Those people exist. You have to find them.

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I'm all the time around people - university, teaching piano (as I have to sit next to them, I see my youngest students looking at my face quite often), working in a student organisation where I need to inteview applicants... How do I do it? Tons of makeup lately.... Make me feel like a cake with 10 layers, primer, red-neutralizer, foundation, mineral powder...

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I spend most of my time working, and that's where I deal with people for the most part. I have a pretty solid group of friends, but my skin usually just puts me into lonewolf mode where I don't wanna go out and do much socially, but when I do actually go out I usually have a fun time.

Every day when I wake up....I just have to find the courage to face the world. I feel like that's what it's all about. If I'm having a bad breakout, I just tell myself that I've dealt with worse in the past, and I survived. So I just try to be strong and get through the day. I've faked confidence for so long in public settings that it's not even fake anymore, it's real confidence that I've basically taught myself over the years so that work and dealing with people can be easier for me.

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Well, with work, you pretty much have to go, or else you won't eat or have a house. Which sucks. I'm 30, so there is no one to help me or take care of me at this point, other than my boyfriend. But I won't be dependent on him...

Anyways, I am lucky enough that I get to do most of my work at home.

But basically, my routines are like this:

--2 days a week, I wake up at 6am and go clean houses all day. These days were really shitty for me when my skin was at it's worst, because I would have to clean bathrooms and seeing myself in people's mirrors while I was wiping them down would give me these horrible panic attacks. It got really bad for a while.

--The rest of the work week, I get up whenever I want, have a leisurely breakfast, read/post on forums, go on tumblr/pinterest, etc. Then I get to work freelance writing all day, make my money and am usually done by 4-5pm. I make dinner for my boyfriend and I and we watch TV or a movie and hang out with each other and then I usually work on some of my personal writing projects (I'm a novelist also) until bedtime.

--1-2 days a week I take off, go somewhere with my boyfriend, clean the house, go see a friend/family or just lay around all day.

I feel really lucky that I have the life that I do, all things considered. I honestly don't think I would have survived going into recovery for my eating disorder and other mental health/body image issues had I had the pressures of a full time, out of the house job. I'm a homebody even when I'm doing well in life, so when my acne was at its most severe, you can imagine what I was like. Could barely even go outside. Having something to force me wouldn't have helped, it would have just made me more suicidal. I've never been the type of person who can handle a tight, fully-packed schedule. It just breaks me down inside.

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well for the last two months after i got the boot at my job it's been walking my sis to the bus stop every school morning & then i usually eat and play on the ps3/computer the whole day or just sleep and stay up late like right now lol. although as soon as this last scab goes away i'll put all that to rest and star getting my life back on track, luckly im wont even be 20 yo util July and i think that way before then i should look decent enough to finally just live a normal life. if they ask why i weighted to start college i can just say i was working =). i'm really optimistic about this next decade in my life, i want the difference from this one to be like night and day.. my teenage years will forever be by far the worst years of my life!

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I'm a social butterfly, even when the acne was at its worst. At its worst I did hate my face, but knew that I've only got one life... so I'm going to live it, damnit! smile.png

I've been working since 18 and enjoy having responsibility (and money to burn along with my own personal space haha) so not working is out of the question.

Routine: Get up, shower and perform my skincare regimen, drop off daughter for school, go to work, pick daughter up, take her to work or home if she's not working (I'm 35 btw), make dinner, clean up around the house, spend quality time with the kiddo if she's home (or get into a hobby if she's not), redo the skincare regimen, and go to bed. That's during the week. On weekends I'm usually out with my friends catching live music or being a total lazy slob with my crazy cat in front of the ol' boob tube.

When you're young it's totally normal to feel apprehensive about stepping out into the world, but once you've done it and gain your independence you'll embrace it. It's a wonderful feeling not having your folks telling you what to do and being able to live on your own terms. You gotta make that happen though. I wish you the best. Good luck! :)

eta: Sorry...I do not have a social anxiety so my lifestyle may not seem to relate to your question. It can though if that's something you'd like to be able to achieve. Are you in therapy or able to see a therapist? That could help tremendously if you're not.

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