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At A Crossroad

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Hi, my names Dillon and I'm 16. I'm here basically for some advice on my acne situation, so thanks in advance. I have had acne for a couple of years now, maximum about 3. It's never bothered me, never got pain or discomfort and not done anything to my confidence. I stay relatively clean like your average teen lad, so I assumed its just average adolescent stuff. At the start of last year, my mum decided to go to the doctor about it, and I was prescribed hxjxh and hrnxmdmdi. It seemed to do nothing and after a few months, my doctor stopped it. I was then put on dnch and djsir, a stronger set of stuff. It's now been a month of it, and still no change. I am being referred to dermatology and were talking about accutane.

I understand that accutane is good and bad. It should clear my acne, but could have severe side effects, such as organ failure and depression. I'm honestly at a crossroad and don't know which way to go. I personally do not suffer, I'm full of confidence, suffer no discomfort or effected any other way, but my mum has a problem with it. Is it possible to get other side effects from the acne, such as the infection spreading? Should my phase of acne pass? Is it wise to not take the accutane.

As I said, I'm really stuck so any advice is appreciated and thanks in advance.

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Could you post a picture so we can see what your working with? If you're Shy you can block out your eyes. It would be easier to give you an opinion on what treatment/route you should go if we knew what type of acne you have, actually how severe.

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Very sorry to hear your mother is making you go through the drug pushers... I mean the medical system! Doctors now days only prescribe their patients drugs because they're deeply tied with the pharmaceutical industry which funds these doctors. They won't teach you about a proper diet and proper supplementation. You'll always leave the building with a prescription for a drug. Funny huh?

The way to solve your acne is by a clean whole foods diet, supplementation, exercise, and lots of sun!

I just made a post if you want to read it about how I solved my acne...

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