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A Few Questions About Laser Treatment

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I wouldn't say I have bad acne, nowhere near, I just get breakouts every now and then. The problem is that these breakouts leave long-lasting marks, which I have great difficulty getting rid of. Some of them have remained for 1,5 years. I've tried creams like Proactiv dark spot corrector, home remedies like rubbing lemon juice, but to no avail.

So I'd like to try a different procedure in my desperation. My question is: how reliable is it for removing red marks and lightening the skin? How many sessions is needed on average? What's the short term effect of the laser treatment (i.e. redness for a few days, etc)? What light should I use, blue or red?

I'd appreciate any advice.

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Tried Stila correcting serum or Philosophy dark spot corrector ?

CO2 lasers are good for getting rid of scars it depends how bad your scars are which determines how many you need roughly some people need a minimum of two or three

After its completed you look very red your entire face looks like its been burnt but this only lasts 2 weeks and you get some flaking etc so you need to be able to put up with two weeks of a very red flaky type red face you usually have to apply petroleum jelly to help with the redness it is also what they apply after the surgery for everything to fully heal it will take up to 6 months usually its 2-6 redness goes down after 2 weeks you see more an effect after your skin is healing and more collagen is going to your skin

It is worth it as long as you put up with 2 weeks of major redness and looking like you've had major sun burn and putting up with 2-6 months complete healing process before seeing the final end result! But its your body healing so it needs time and if you really want to go for the surgery CO2 laser is a very good way to go

:) Hope I helped!

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