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Encouragement Needed!

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So Ive been on the regimen for about 3 weeks, my acne is virtually the same (atleast i havent broken out :) ), id say my acne is moderate. The dry skin is really bugging me, especially when im out. Im basically asking for tips to help the dry skin or if it is just a matter of time 'til it subsides, and when can I expect to begin to see my acne clear?

I need some encouragement :(

Thanks all in advance

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Also, can i apply moisturiser as much as i want - like 10 times a day for example?

Shouldn't the Jojoba oil help with dryness if you are using it? I think you should use a bigger amount of moisturizer instead of using it 10 times a day. It seems like it would clog your pores if you would moisturize 10 times a day, but if your skin is really dry, i would very gently exfoliate it with a cloth then use one jojoba oil and moisturize.

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I had the exact same thing, I would put a large amount of moisturizer on morning and night, you don't want to keep putting it on throughout the day because the whole point of the regimen is to be gentle to your skin and try not to touch it and irritate it. The drying WILL subside, it started to subside for me in the 5th and 6th week, in the 6th week I started using dans AHA+, this stuff is amazing for the dryness and the flakiness because it is very hydrating, you could try using this, it hydrates and exfoliates which is amazing. I'm on my third month of the regimen now, i'm very lucky i've had great results, my skin is so soft and healthy looking, I still get the odd pimple once in a while but the rest of the time, i'm acne free! I know how frustrating it can be, to have acne, and now the dryness, but patience is a virtue, so be patient and keep going with it.

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I agree with MichelleKL77 in everything apart from only applying twice per day. When I first started following the regimen, I applied moisturiser as many times in the day as I needed (usually 3 more times all over my face, and even more often around my mouth where it was particularly dry). I made sure that my hands were clean and I applied it as gently as possible.

But in saying that, applying moisturiser more than twice per day is against the regimen instructions and I always tell people to follow the instructions exactly, so go figure crazy.gif

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