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Need Some Help! (Hormone Imbalance?) Trouble With Spironolactone.

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I've been dealing with acne since I was twelve. I recently just after my wedding started to break out pretty bad... (thank god for clear skin on my wedding day!!!) I started to break out on my honeymoon in Cancun. I was preparing myself to break out because I was in a humid climate and I come from a very dry climate. Usually I get red bumps and cysts but on my honeymoon they were white heads cry.gif

Ever since my honeymoon I have had deep dark red spots that remained after my zits (and ongoing breakouts). This usually happens with me and they fade over time (a year usually) with the only thing to help is tanning and Finacea. I guess I just had it and postponed going to the dermo because I am so frustrated being put on different medications and them working/not working and having to go back... frustrated with myself that I didn't go in sooner.

I went to my dermo three weeks ago and she prescribed me Finacea and Spironolactone. The reason she prescribed me Spironolactone was because I told her I believed that I have a hormone imbalance. My body fat percentage is 13 percent all the time. Even when I haven't worked out for months (an athletic womans body fat percentage is 12 percent). I believe this is because I have a high testosterone level. I also am not regular and don't have a period every month. I haven't had one since I was sixteen and I am 23 (sorry if TMI).

The only things that have helped me in the past have been Finacea and tanning. I know tanning is a complete NO NO but it is the only thing that helps with all my acne because I have it on my back as well. The blue light from the beds really help my skin. I do it in moderation and it always clears everything I have. I wanted to avoid it this time though but I am really struggling..... I believe that the Spironolactone is causing me to break out more... I never break out on my neck and have started too. I am getting new zits on my face everyday that turn into white heads. Its extremely frustrating .. I know that the Finacea is working because my post red marks are fading (even though that shit BURNS!). Why am I still breaking out this bad while I am on this pill? I know that it can't be bringing everything to the surface because this pill is for hormones... The Finacea might be because I use it on my face but why am I breaking out in places I never have before and why is it getting worse?

My questions for anyone is

What are peoples experience with Spironolactone? Finacea? Hormonal imbalance?

Does anyone have a similar experience as mine?

Any helpful suggestions?

Thanks so much!!!


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Hey SkyDiveKelsey!

I'm about 2 months and 1 week into spiro and the breakouts I am having and have had are in places I've never experienced before: hairline acne behind my neck, a nodule behind my head in my scalp (wth?!), tiny bumps (clogged pores) on my chest. It sucks shifty.gif. When I first went on spiro, I was thinking this shouldn't be such a hard transition since it just blocks testosterone, something I have in excess, but I guess it's never that simple. It's obviously the darn hormone changes from spiro that is causing us to have breakouts in places we don't get. I've also been bloated and have a "period" every 2 weeks since upping it to 100mg. It's like starting on birth control!! The only reason I opted for this first instead of BCP was because I thought BCP would mess with my hormones too much... well you live and learn.

What did your doctor say about your lack of period? I think you should get a hormones tested just to rule out any health issues. I was actually tested and I have high free testosterone because of low sex hormone binding globulin. I think you are in the right direction taking spiro rolleyes.gif. Stick with it for 4 months at least. My derm kept repeating how slow acting spiro is, and to at least give it 3 months.

Also, congrats on your wedding!

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Hey Splashberri!

Thanks so much for your response! I really appreciate it!

I know! Its so crazy we are both experiencing breakouts in very weird places. I have never broke out all over my neck/head/chest before! I also was excited to try this instead of birth control and antibiotics. I took Minocycline and had a severe allergic reaction to it and my brain swelled. So I was very happy to try something different! I also noticed while on Spiro that I was more agitated. I am usually calm and collective and that has changed a little. Has that happened to you? I figured it was because of the hormone change.

My gyno said not to worry about my "lack of period" because I have been pretty active my whole life. She said when it comes to getting pregnant there are always things we can do. Not a great answer but I thought "okay if she isn't worried at all about it then I wont be". She is a great doctor so I'll take what she said and hope when the time comes I can get pregnant and it wont be an issue.... eusa_pray.gif I would really like to have my hormones tested though. What do they do to test your hormones Do you know what kind of doctor i would see to get that test done?

Thanks so much for your help! Hopefully we figure out these hormones and stop breaking out! eusa_pray.gif

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Hey SkydiveKelsey! With the new change in the topics categorization, I had a hard time searching for this without signing in!

Oh that's strange that the gyno said it was normal- does that mean you haven't been ovulating for years? As for getting hormones tested, I went to my family physician. My doctor asked me to get my blood tested 1 week before my period. Although I got my blood drawn, people say the more accurate test is a saliva test. I asked my doctor about that and she said she would only do a saliva test if we were really trying to dissect the hormones, she would have to do it multiple time periods, and most insurance wouldn't cover saliva tests. I got progesterone/estradiol/testosterone (typical testing) along with DHEA-S, Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG), albumin, bioavailable testosterone. From what I remember from her explanation of DHEA-S, this hormone can get converted to DHT or testosterone the DHT(?), basically it's androgenic and it's related to your stress level. SHBG is a really important protein in that it binds to your testosterone with a high affinity (so does albumin, but with a much lower affinity), and will make it unable to enter cells/do its androgenic thing. For me, I produce testosterone within the "normal" range, but my bioavailable testosterone is high due to my low SHBG. So if you do get tested, make sure you get tested for SHBG/bioavailable testosterone as well smile.png.

Also, you can request a hormones test from your gyno as well, I think they would be great for that. I would see an endo if your hormones are really off-- and your gyno can make a decision whether a hormones specialist is needed. Most often, however, the prescription will BCP. My doctor wanted to prescribe me BCP since it increases SHGB, but I wanted to try spiro first. As for the spiro, I haven't notice any drastic mood changes. It's just the darn breakouts in strange places, and I don't know why my scalp has been itchy, so weird! (Oh and btw, I also I got my Thyroid and sugar level tested as a result of the hormones test, geez :P, but they all came back normal)

Keep me updated smile.png!!!

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If anyone is interested I have had a few changes in my regimen I now am taking Bactrim to go along with my Finacea. Today will be the first day of taking Bactrim. I was very nervous to start this drug because of the severe side effects that I have read but my doctor assured me that she thought it was a safe drug and hasn't had anyone get the severe side effects before. I'm allergic to minocycline, tetracycline and doxycycline which is why I am nervous. I am going to be brave and try it today! I really hope it works.

When I went to the dermatologist on Monday and had acne surgery and some injections. I have never had injections before... ouch... but they did work wonders!!! Skin is clearing and I am starting to feel better. I really can't wait for these post acne marks to disappear! I'll update with results.

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