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Is My Acne Moderate (Pictures)

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Over the last sort of 18 months my acne has gradually gone from pretty much non existent around Year 11 time to being quite noticable now that I am 18.

I am just wondering if you guys are able to help me out by letting me know whether my acne is mild,moderate or severe and perhaps recommend me some ways of treating the acne, couple of notes to help you guys out

-The only "regiment" I use on my face at the moment is probably not enough, Its washing my face morning and night with an application of OXY10% Benozyl Peroxide in the morning and night time aswell

- The photos have been taken with a FLASH on purpose to show what my acne looks like in the worst possible light (IE: Direct Sunlight) In standard lighting conditions it doesn't tend to look quite as bad

- I use wax on my hair daily if that helps

- I have noticed over the winter since september that my acne has increased dramatically, in the summer it was very very minor

Thanks in Advance




And just for comparison, this is what my skin looked like in september (Obviously better lighting conditions)


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I'm in the same boat as u, I've stopped to use the cleansers and started to only wash with water, seems to help. And yeah, ur acne is moderate, u have spots exactly where I have mine, and the same amount.. it sucks.. I just want them to disappear..

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I wouldn't call your acne moderate, it's more on the mild side. Do you use any shaving creams? Try changing your toothpaste to a natural one that doesn't have sls and fluoride. Your pimples arr mostly on your lips and chin that's why. Use Aztec Indian healing clay with acv as a spot treatment. Works quite well. Has your diet or stress levels changed recently?

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