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Almost No Acne, Red, Oily Face. What Is This Exactly?

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Hello all!

I'm new to this site as an active user, but I have been reading you for quitesome time.

As many of you I have been through alot various treatments fighting my facial condition.

Heres my story that might help you evaluate what is going on my face (I got bored of my derm recently, she just prescribes random stuff, then I go to her again after 1-2 months, just to get something else, and she keeps advicing various f**kexpensive products also).

Age ~13. I get horrible acne vulgaris all over my face. Derm prescribed accutane, clears me up. Then she gives me Differin. My face worsen again to pretty bad levels. Accutane second round, mum takes me to a cosmetician also. Monthly facial from cosm + Accu clears me up. I'm happy. Continuing going to cosm. and getting differin. My face is alright for long years, I'm happy. All I do with my face is washing it twice a day With bar soap. Then applying differin every evening. Yet it stayed looking and feeling healthy and normal.

Age 18 (2010), I start uni, which also means more stressful life. I stop using Differin late 2010 -early 2011. Face is alright. From photos I can see perhaps a little worsening but still nothing bad.

Then something happens around summer-autumn 2011. I stopped going to cosm late 2011, but even before that I see my face getting redder, looking less healthy. Then I hit a pretty bad level, nothing serious, but it did hurt my esteem alot. Redness, some breakouts. Going to cosm again since spring 2012, which patched my face up a but I couldn't regain pre-2011 levels. Ever since I'm trying out alot stuff. As a last resort I have started using Differin again since winter, seeing no difference yet.

My face is very oily, sometimes it feels bad just after ~4 hours, the longest it can go is ~8-9 hours. Yet it feels somehow dry at the same time. Horrible. My pores are constantly clogged, no matter what cleanser, facial mask or scrub I try.

I think its sensitive also. It does got more redder for some minutes after the morning and evening regiment, then sinks back.

I pretty much killed acne, only getting a few small whiteheads time to time. But as you can see, its all red, and uneven.

My regimen looks like this:

Cleansing: handmade tree-tea soap, a local product (I'm from Europe) that based on reviews works well against acne bacteria.

Treatment: 5% BP (though only started using it 2 weeks ago)

Moist: Garnier Pure Active, its oil free and my skin feels relived from it after the previous.

Comments, advices? Perhaps my face really is much sensitive and that causes redness? I've tried out the zinc-vitamin-blabla run for a half a year, didn't do anything. My main problem is that I don't understand why the f**k did it worsen. Because I left Differin, a retinoid that thins my face and often makes it even redder? That and stopping the cosm? I suspect you can say it took some months for leaving the two to have it cause this effect. Okay, but why can't I reach back to the healthy skin I had before 2011, when my regimen was f***ing bar soap twice a day, and differin in the evening, with much less regard to a healthy diet?

I think this pic ( I dont have much recent of me ever since I got this skin condition) shows well how overall my face looks, even if its small - its red and shining.







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Excess oil / gunk in your pores = excess DHT production. DHT = dihydrotestosterone. Same hormonal culprit in prostate problems and balding later in life.

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could u please read my post and tell me if ur problem is similar?





did u try salicylic acid face wash ever?

that might help with the clogs.

and honestly,i dnt think u should use the 'soap' u're using.

neither will i prefer that garnier cream.

i know its dry there compared my country(am from India) so u could use non-comedogenic ones like elovera,cetaphil or dermadew aloe gel etc.

please change your dermatologist(cause on what u say,she doesn't seem right).benzoyl peroxide 2% or 3% is right for spot treatment.

and as far as am concerned bp causes redness.i know for sure!(i do spot treatment so its noticebale)

also look after ur diet and daily habits.




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