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Hi again,

As I mentioned in one of my posts beforehand, i would not have enough accutane to last me until my next derm appt. Many suggested that i take a lower dosage, to make my prescription last longer. I did this but will now be without accutane from today (10th) until wednesday (13th), i'd like to know if not having accutane for four days will have ANY effects whatsoever, this includes extra breakouts or me having to restart it all again, or any other effects it might have on my skin. After doing research, it seems like theres a basis of mixed opinions, some people say people like myself are screwed because isotretinoin only stays in your bloodstream for only two days after you stop taking it, others say it stays in your blood and affects your skin for up to a month after taking the tablets. Any opinions would be appreciated, i started accutane on the 10-01-13


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I doubt it will cause you a major problem--- I think the meds stay in your system for a while (part of the reason you're not supposed to donate blood at least 1 month after stopping it). Maybe take one dose every other day since I think the pills don't lend themselves to dividing in half.

I had to go without it for almost a week when my dermatologist had a vacation and I had to go five weeks between appointments, and no obvious side effects occurred.

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