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Hey guys,

I'm new here and decided I would check out other people's experiences trying to clear up their skin.

About four weeks ago I started my third course of amnesteem (accutane). I did a course during high school when I had nodular, pitting acne. It cleared up my skin dramatically.

Two years later, at around 18, my skin began to break out again. Like many of you, I tried over the counter products like crazy. Proactiv, noxema, astringents, benzyl peroxides, etc. Rounds of antibiotics failed to improve things. My second course of accutane cleared things up completely, for years.

Eight years later (I'm 26 now) my skin started breaking out almost as bad as it had at sixteen years old. I went to the dermatologist and tried a myriad of treatments: minocycline, doxycycline, atralin, aczone, differin, the list went on and on. After several convo's with my derm about my options, we decided a third isotretinoin course would be appropriate.

Things are looking a lot better even after four weeks. I went from having three new pimples a day to about two new pimples a week. I'm at 40mg/day , my doctor wants me eventually up to 60-80/day but wants to hold off increasing for another month. I'm getting really dry already (esp around the mouth) but that's always been a sign in the past that things are working.

Any way, I thought I'd say 'hey' and give my input with some others about our shared sufferings (and successes!) and tips in general.


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