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For the past year or two I have been trying to tackle my acne using The Regimen and other acne products containing salicylic acid. I have come to the conclusion that although these products have helped me get 95% clear, they're really harsh and drying on my skin - especially anything containing salicylic acid and BP.

I've narrowed down that my acne was down to having oily skin due to not moisturising (my skin was overcompensating for the oil I stripped from it) and now that I do moisturise, my acne has significantly reduced. I basically need some recommendations for a new cleanser and moisturiser - both containing mimimal chemicals and acne treatments (BP, salicylic acid etc.) and for the moisturiser I would like something that had at least SPF 15.

I know that a lot of people recommend Cetaphil products, but they are pretty expensive over here and I hear that the moisturiser can be quite greasy. I'll appreciate any products that you've used in the past or still use to this day, I'm just really struggling to finding products that work for my acne, but don't irritate my skin.

Thanks! :)

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Bro, if you have sensitive skin the best moisturizer to get is "Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream" it comes in a jar, the reviews on here are like 4.45/5 look it up. The best cleanser is Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser for dry/sensitive skin, it feels like water when you put it on your face but it works!! I know you said its expensive over there, but look at it this way, your gonna pay more for other products over time when you keep trying different brands. Just buy those trust me.

One more thing, if your skin is dry/red try the oatmeal method. Might sound crazy but I've been doing it the past 2 days and it works. Look it up on here or YouTube. It makes your skin feel so soft / helps redness. And last but not least its so cheap!

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