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Gross! I saw myself today in an iPhone as I pointed it at myself. I LOOK SO OLD AND UGLY! MY SKIN LOOKS GROSS! PORES ARE HUGE! WRINKLES PRONOUNCED!! HAIR CRAZY AND GRAYING! I put the camera down before I could see any blemishes or old ACNE SCARS. GROSS! I sure hope I really don't look like that! IS THAT HOW PEOPLE SEE ME? Women used to like me most of the time. I never wanted to look like a person in my family who had be skin. IT LOOKS LIKE I LOOK LIKE HER/HIM! WHAT DO I DO??

I hear sugar will break down collagen and make skin look older. Is this true? I know when I cut down the sugar my wife commented how better my skin looked. Perhaps my HUGE DOSE OF SUGAR IS MY PROBLEM FOR BAD SKIN. I should do that and also do derma rolling. But it's been years and I never have done it yet. What is holding me back?


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Dairy and sugary foods are known to make some people break out. Although cutting it out of one's diet has done nothing for many people, it has done wonders for others. You should try reforming your diet to be based more around fruits, vegetables and generally non-processed foods (and for more reasons than just skincare)

I am no expert but I hope this is mildly useful to you.

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I know exactly how you feel my cheeks look 65 years old my forehead skin and skin by my ears look 25 years old. Try drinking 60 oz, s of water a day. Some reason my skin looks better on some days I can't figure it out. I have read and read till my eyes r about to fall out about wrinkles and scares from acne. The only thing that helps me is white egg mask. Hope u find something soon.

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