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I was on 25 mg of Spiro for about 3 weeks and then went up to 50 mg for about 3 months. My derm was hesitant to prescribe it because I do not have PCOS, but said she'd give it a try. My oil production decreased dramatically. However, 50 mg is a smaller dose, so I knew it would take some time. I saw her once about 2 months in and she seemed disappointed. She said I could finish out the Spiro for the next 6 weeks, but if my skin didn't improve much she wanted me to try ANOTHER antibiotic. (I've already been on like, 3 of them). I got very discouraged from that and decided not to go back to her. I kept with the Spiro until my prescription ran out but decided not to see the same derm again.

Life got hectic and my skin had been looking better for a couple months so I didn't make the time to go to the derm again. BIG MISTAKE. I underestimated how much the Spiro had actually been working and I now remember what it was like before I started the Spiro. I was off of it for about 2.5 months and finally saw a different derm a few days ago. She was very kind and is starting me on 50 mg and says she will bump it up to 75 after a month with normal blood tests. She seems much more positive about the Spiro and knows that it can clear women up. I am 23 and have had acne since I was about 12. I KNOW it's hormone related so I am glad I found someone who will listen to me...at least for now.

I am also simultaneously getting help for some mental health issues. I have anxiety and depression from some other life issues, but I know acne hasn't helped with my self-esteem and whatnot. I was just prescribed Lexapro and Xanax for anxiety. I feel more calm and have fewer racing thoughts. I also have a bad tendency to pick at my skin from anxiety. I am hoping the antidepressants help with this issue some.

I am excited to start this journey of a better mind and body.

I can't start the 50mg of Spiro until I start birth control which will hopefully be on Sunday. Don't worry, it will be a kind low in androgen activity.

So Sunday I will officially be on...

50 mg Spironolactone

Yaz or TriNessa (whichever my Dr. approves today)

10 mg Lexapro

.5 mg Xanax XR

Fingers crossed! eusa_pray.gif

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so excited for you!! good luck!! beware about those types of birth control though. i was on ortho for years and always had breakouts but they were manageable and then when they switched me to generic which was tri-nessa and tri-sprintec i got really bad cystic acne. i then switched to yaz and 2 weeks later got a phlebitis in my arm (i was on ortho on and off for 11 years and depo-provera for 2). i never have had any issues before that and ever since then my doctor wont let me take any hormonal birth control.

glad to hear the meds anxiety meds are working though. thats good news!!

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Hi the darlinglife,

My derm has prescribed me 50 mg of Spiro without requiring me to get on BC, which I like because I have heard bad side effects for Yaz and Yasmine and I would like to mess with as little hormones as possible. It seems that derms disagree on this because I had another one tell me I would have to go on BC, but my current one said that’s not required at all, you just need to get off it if you are trying or think you might be pregnant.

Anyways…I totally understand about the anxiety and depression. I had some major life events happen involving family, moving and unemployment and got really stressed out and depressed about it. I have never had acne in my life until 6 months ago, so my derm and therapist think the stress really brought it on because of the hormonal changes stress causes…which creates a vicious cycle. I am now anxious and depressed about my acne, even though I am working through the other issues. It seems that the more anxious I get, the acne gets worse, which makes me more anxious, which makes the acne worse…and the anxiety makes me pick and obsess over my face. I just recently started Spiro which my derm thinks will really help, as well as retin a micro which I have been using for several months. However, I feel that if I cannot get this anxiety under control, my acne might have a hard time improving. I have never taken antidepressants or antianxiety meds before, but I have an appointment with my doctor today to talk about it. I kind of hit a major low this weekend and had a major anxiety attacking making it so that I couldn’t even get out of bed. I am that terrified about my face at this point. I am hoping that maybe getting on something for several months to control the anxiety will allow me to heal emotionally and let my face start healing and the Spiro really working….breaking the cycle. I have always dealt with stress well in the past and have never been depressed as an adult until now…so I am really hoping I can get back to my normal self physically and mentally.

I am thinking of asking my doc about taking Buspar daily and something like Xanax as needed. Have you had success with Lexapro and Xanax? What kind of acne do you have and do you feel you are clearing with the Spiro now?

You can follow my log here -

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