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White Scars

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wanted to see if anyone knew what the name of thse scars on my upper back and if anyone has similar ones. also, how bad do you think they are? theyre not really that bumpy. any suggestions on how to get rid of them?post-73194-0-69051200-1362675880_thumb.jpost-73194-0-69051200-1362675880_thumb.j


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I have a few on my body, annoyingly on my chest where they can be fairly visible in certain lighting and clothing. I don't think there's much you can do with current treatments, unfortunately, unless you can afford very expensive Recell which isn't worth it in your case, I don't think. However, dermarolling may help them look less pronounced. That's what I plan to try with mine. People claim it can help with hypopigmentation, although I don't think it could make it disappear, but just fade in a bit more. If dermarolling can improve the look of stretch marks, then I don't see why it couldn't make these look nicer too. There are a few before-after pictures of dermarolled hypopigmented scars here, although I can't say how trustworthy they are (at least the ones with indented scars don't seem objective at all since the lighting and angle are different).

I don't think white body scars are really in any way comparable to facial scars. That's why I haven't even written about mine before since it's only a minimal concern. You're lucky if that is the only problem you have.

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