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Its Killing Me Inside

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I've had acne for 5 years now and I'm mid-teens, its always been bad but last year I went to a dermatologist and they told me I had severe acne...I was absolutely crushed, I knew it was bad and all but to know its 'severe' was just heart breaking. I've never been on a forum thing before so thought I would try. But I feel so on my own... everywhere I look I see people with nice clear skin and think to myself "you dont know how lucky you are" I'm so embarrassed and so ashamed of my skin I could speak to people directly or anything and I've been bullied for it for years, just snide comments that you pretend to not hear.

I'm 15 and my acne has given me depression and has caused other me problems that I wont go into. But I generally do know what I have ever done to suffer like this? i cant go to sleepovers with my friends because im too ashamed to take my make up off and I cant risk leaving it on and im terrified to meet new people.

No one else in my family suffers, and they really are the best and support and help me, but I dont think they see what it does to me inside? ... and I wouldn't want them too. I hate people feeling sorry for me, thats not what I want... I need to speak to someone who knows what I'm going through because I'm so alone. Im on daily tablets for then next year or something stupid and some cream, my mum wont let me take accutane as she has read about some teenagers who committed suicide whilst on this drug.. so I understand her worry and things. Sometimes Im just devastated and horrified to see what I look like underneath the layers of foundation... my acne is killed my social and its killing me inside, I just want someone to speak to

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First off, you are a beautiful soul no matter what. I am nearing 30 and still have acne so i know how you feel. You are among others who go through similar things so stick around, read the forums and take comfort in knowing that all of us on this site has been where you are or is currently where you are.

What have you tried for your acne so far? Diet? Stress? All this info can help us make suggestions of what direction to go in.

As for accutane, i'm sure your mom has her reasons for not letting you go on it (its not a picnic).

In the meantime, keep your chin up

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Hi, I know exactly how you feel. I am in my late 20s and have been suffering from acne since 11. To add to the pain, it has been worse than ever over the past 6 months, and my once mild/moderate acne exploded into very severe cystic acne.

Please don't lose hope. By being on this site you are already helping yourself. Have a look at some other people's comments and you'll realise your not alone in this.

One thing that has helped me enormously is looking into the nutrition thread. I really believe that some of the vitamins I have been taked have really helped the cysts. Maybe your mum would be more willing to experiment with vitamins as opposed to accutane? I'm not saying this is a cure but it may be worth a try? Dan's regimen is also very good but the one thing I would say is moisturise your skin. LOTS. I was applying tons of harsh chemicals in the hope I would 'dry out' my cysts and kill them but it did nothing but irritate my skin leading to lots of redness, inflammation and annoyingly....more cysts. Let me know how your getting on.

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hey you're still young so more than likely you're going to grow out of this.(i'm sure you heard that before) I agree with your mom about her not allowing you to take accutane. I mean, I haven't seen pictures of your acne but you're still young and I only think people who have had persistent, severe acne should be on accutane or extremely severe cystic acne that is covering their face. I would continue with the antibiotics and see what happens when you get off of them. I was your age when I first suffered from acne, and I went to a dermatologist and he prescribed me some antibiotic for a few months and it completely cleared me, and lucky for me, my acne disappeared until i was about 20, almost 21 years old and then I started suffering from hormonal acne. And trust me, it's the worst. I'll probably suffer from it until I'm in my 50s, but I'm lucky and I go to a great dermatologist that has prescribed me vitamins that are amazing. I barely ever get any pimples and my skin is usually crystal clear. I occasionally get tiny pimples in my chin/jar line area but it's nothing more than the average person. (i actually have less pimples than almost all my friends) but I'll prob take the vitamins until I'm like 55 years old lol(so hopefully she doesn't retire anytime soon). Good luck and keep your head up :)

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Im 15, and have one of the worst cases of acne most people have ever seen (even on the internet there are only maybe 1 or 2 pics which are worse)... And unfortunately, I am a boy and cannot where makeup. So I totally know what your going through. My mom wont let me take accutane either. People constantly stare at me and I feel like shit basically 24/7. It ruins everything that used to be fun for me, and I am so much less social than I used to be. However, it makes me feel better knowing that everyone has their insecurities, where you can see it or not, and if people give you shit for your acne, they arent worth it anyways.

Good luck...

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I'm glad you joined this forum for support, because it really helps! I am 32 and have been battling acne since age 11...I'm sure you don't want to hear that, you're probably thinking "does it ever go away?". I'm still asking that question myself... Like most of us on here, I've tried so many regimens and treatments. Right now I'm doing a basic skincare system, cleaning up my diet, adding some supplements, drinking lots of water, and exercising more. None of these will cure my acne, but together they all help.

Like you, I've been hiding behind makeup since a young age. Made up every excuse in the book to not attend sleepovers, go on camping trips with friends, etc. Acne can be isolating. Try your best to get out there and enjoy life though, because it goes by fast!

I wish you the best of luck. I'm glad you have a supportive family, and I know you will find support here :)

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I hate having it too and I think everyone hates it, I have had it for 7-9 years or so, been on accutane for a year and I got amazing (acne disappeared) results but a year later it is slowly coming back and has been getting worse, now I am back on antibiotics... I am male and now 21 years old.

The worse part is that you try so hard but you see minimum results, and then there's people without acne that think you don't try and the reason resulting in acne.

I had severe acne before accutane and trying so hard right now not to have it again, applying lots of benzoyl peroxide helps, morning and night. Better than the antibiotics.

The truth is you have just got to hang in there and hope for the best, I'll look at the future and hope that I don't have it but will continue to have it now until it has finally gone.

Just ignore haters that hate on you, that's what I do, just think to yourself, I have it now, temporary. They are no good and they are the ones that deserve it. But to bad that's not how this system works =/ good souls deserve better!

Good luck though, all the best


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I've struggled for years and spent TON$ on stuff. I've been trying neutragena acne stress controll the creme wash and the micro bead stuff. It has helped. I get depressed and don't use it the twice a day like I should other times I use it too much because it worked. I also started rinsing my face with white vinegar my grandma told me that tip and instead of moisturizer I now use avacado oil it won't clog your pores. I hope if you want to try it, that it helps. It's aweful and so depressing. :0)

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