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Apple Cider Vinegar For Indented Scars And Red Marks?

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Here is my plan. I have lots of red bright marks on my cheeks and I can't take it any longer. They look horrible. I also have several indents by my temples on both sides and there is redness in them. I have been reading up on apple cider vinegar over the last few hours. I just have a couple questions:

I half asian skin prone to scarring/marks. I have lots of oil on my t-zone and nose, forehead is FULL of clogged pores too. I can almost see it coming out of my blackheads on my nose.

Will the ACV help get rid of nose blackheads? And how will it do this if so. Will they just eventually fall out on their own or do I need to scrub a bit once I start seeing them come out?

Does ACV help indented scars? Some posts I read said it did.

I am going to dilute it 50/50 with water. I already bought Braggs ACV. Do I need to refrigerate it? I was going to mix a bowl and store it. Refrigerate or not?

I am going to apply it after I cleanse. I am currently not using any products at all except Cetaphil cleanser and sunscreen moisturizer. I was on retin A but stopped after seeing no improvement for several months. So I am ready to try this new thing that seems like it can help.

After I apply it with a cotton pad, I will let it dry. Can I put my sunscreen on afterwards? And does the apple cider vinegar cause any sun sensitivity at all?

Please help I would greatly appreciate responses. I am hopeful for this and just really want to clarify my questions before I start. I am praying this will improve my redness and be an answer for me. I'm having a hard time emotionally cause of my appearance currently. God bless

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I don't know if it works for redmarks (it probably does), but it definetly doesn't work for for icepick, boxcar or rolling scars.

However, it somewhat flattens hypertrophic scars, but only if used undiluited and with vigorous rubbing.

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Ok thanks. But it won't make them worse at all right? Ill be fine putting it on my whole face? Even my indented scars have redness in them

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I do not know if vinegar will work or not, but it is possible to make your dilute solution more like a lotion by adding 1-2% xanthan gum. Then you could put it on and it would stay a little better.

I do know that if you use a strong vinegar solution it can cause redness. A strong vinegar solution is helpful for nail fungus. The most successful product in this area that can be purchased is Nonyx, which is simply a solution of strong vinegar with a little xanthan. Because the xanthan turns it into a lotion, then it remains longer where you want it. People who use this product mentions that it causes some redness when it hits the skin next to the nails. But this is probably because it is a rather strong solution. I doubt this would happen with the diluted solution you are considering. Good luck.

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No.....ACV nor lemon juice will not cure what people do full surgeries + spend 1000's of dollars on trying to get improvement from.

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It certainly wouldn't hurt using an ACV diution over the whole face, but i'd use 30% vinegar, 70% water and try avoiding the sun even if using sunscreen. ACV may still irritate your skin though, but it is worth a shot IMO.

Anyway, for how long did you use Retin-A? it faded my redmarks in 7 months (yeah thats a long while) and has been the only product that somewhat fixed my complexion. You could also try one of those aspirin masks

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