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Yaz/ortho + Me = Psycho What Other Bcp's Have Helped Your Skin?

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Out of desperation when it seems nothing else is helping I asked my Dr. about putting me back on bc for my acne. I have tried both Yaz and Ortho. Yaz makes me a bitch just ready to take your head off for no reason and Ortho makes me ready to burst into tears at any second...and after that I might just bite your head off. Basically horrible mood on them both. I've also had some issues with depression before and so that makes me nervous about any birth control because I know that they can contribute to depression.

Anyways, I'm just wondering what birth control other than Yaz/Yasmin or Ortho people have used that have seemed to help their skin. I know the whole list of lower androgenic vs higher androgenic bcp's but I'm wondering what other people have actually had success on.

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I would not recommend yaz, I've been on it for a little under two months and so far all it has done is make my skin worse and made me very irritable/moody. Everyone reacts differently but it seems you have already had a bad experience with this brand so its probably better to stay away from it. Try looking into Belera!

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Yeah and it's weird because I took Yaz before and it was great, cleared up my skin and I had no side effects. This time around was a different story though. Strange. Ok thanks I will look into it. =)

Oh looks like that one is not available in the US unfortunately. =(

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