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Masturbation/ejaculation Not The Cause Of Acne But Its Make It Worse ):

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hello guys please Don't Tell Me There is no links between masturbation or ejaculation and acne,i said that acne is not caused by masturbation but masturbation make it worse and i experience this. i had acne but no more than 6 pimples ok but every time i masturbate it became 14 pimples or more than that, remember every time for more than 3 years, and just yesterday i had a clear skin and just few pimples "2 or 3" and today when i masturbate i get more than 15 pimples and oily skin and it take 5 or 6 days to get a healthy skin again, and there are some people said there is no link its crazy crazy crazy if there are no links why people always said in forums and networks that masturbation cause them acne if its not why they said that why.

so for me i experience this for more than 3 years and the same thing happened every time i masturbate i need solution and please don"t say that there is no link between acne and ejaculation or masturbation ):

please i need solutions please i spent more than 7000 dollars on acne products but no result ): i need solutions please ):

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stop masturbating then!

are you kiding , hhhhh this is not a solution no one in the world can stop masturbation or any sex activity its nature my friend smile.png we need solution for this problem like pils or natural cream or something,i don't know what smile.png

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