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My red marks are what makes me look ugly. They're so bad that I've been using an antibiotic called minocycline that totally worked (I had no acne anymore) for 1 year, but I never actually noticed that it worked because back then I didn't see the difference between a red mark and acne, so I thought it just wasn't working. My doctor also agreed that it wasn't working.

So I realized my mistake and started taking the antibiotic again 1 month ago and now I again have no acne, but the red marks and scars are so bad that my skin still looks terrible. Is it possible that my red marks are so deep that they will just never disappear?

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They cannot stay forever even if they do take several years to fade... Especially if they are, as you say, 'red marks' and not pitted scars. Have you tried some red mark-lightening home treatments like lemon, lavender oil or emu oil? Lemon and lavender oil have really helped my red marks become much more bearable, I have just started trying emu oil. Pitted scars are tougher to tackle but are also not permanent if you do the right treatments. If you have severe pitted scars and they are really bothering you can talk to your dermatologist about different methods of getting rid of them. Hope you find something that works for you :)

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