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Been On Antibiotics For 7 Months, I Am Now 100% Cleared But...

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I've been suffering from acne for about a year now. Throughout my life acne wasn't much of an issue to me until i moved to another state in the fall of 2012. After moving to a new state which had colder winters and hotter and humid summers my skin began to break out. But the weird thing is that I moved in the Fall, which is typically dry and cold so my skin was not exposed to the humidity and hot whether yet, i began to break out. several months after moving, I developed Acne Vulgaris. My face was covered with large cysts on my jawline, and nodules and pustules on the side of my cheeks and on my forehead. My confidence was diminished and i was at the lowest point of my life! i barely went out, hid from everyone, and to make matters worse i had no friends and no support due to the relocation. Anyways to make the story short, I went on living like this until August of 2012. I visited a Dermatologist and he prescribed me the Anti-biotic Cephalexin for 3 months, along with tazorax 0.05% gel and 2.5%BP called Acanya.

After Taking Cephalexin for 3 months (2x500mg capsules per day) and applying the Tazorac gel and BP daily my acne was 60% cleared. After the 3 months i visited my dermatologist again and he renewed my prescription and gave me another 3 months worth of Cephalexin. He also gave me a cream called Finecea which is used to get rid of acne scars, due to the fact that i had many scars. After another 3 months of taking Cephalexin and using the creams given to me, i was completely cleared and my scars are now barely visible. I went back to the derm in December and he prescribed me another 3 months worth of Cephalexin and Now I am here.

So far my acne has not come back whatsoever, its rare for me to get a pimple but after reading through literally hundreds of antibiotic stories and researching, i am terrified!!!! Honestly so far i've been trying to ease off the antibiotics taking only one a day, its been about 4 days and so far no pimple yet, but how do i approach this situation now?? any ideas because i know eventually this fantasy life i'm living will eventually fall, is there anyway i can avoid the inevitable? which is acne coming back worser and stronger. One more thing, I am 21 years old.

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As long as youre still using the topicals in theory it shouldnt come back, just come off them as slowly as you can, take one a day for a month and see what happens - be patient, dont try to rush this. :)

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yeah take your time weaning off the antibiotics but as long as you are using a good topical you should be fine. i think that was my problem in the past was not using a good topical.

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