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Scientists Finally Admit What Really Causes Acne And How To Get Rid Of It

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"Even if the relationship between GI, GL, and acne is controversial, recent randomized controlled trials showed an improvement in acne after GI and GL were reduced [47]. In contrast, Kaymak et al. [8] did not find that dietary GI, GL, and insulin level have a role in the pathogenesis of acne in young patients. The limitation of this last study was that the dietary data were obtained via a dietary questionnaire based on patients' own recollection of intake." So what point is trying to be made here. It's obviously all connected just as the increase in some diseases etc, but I hardly think it's something to scream about.

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Just no.

And what a ridiculous title.

Also, I thought you had a "sudden weird breakout"? Did you eat some Rice Krispies?

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I'm not insulin resistant and I've experienced acne since the year 2000. "My fasting glucose" and such always comes back completely normal in blood tests and my endocrinologist doesn't see any evidence of PCOS either. I think insulin resistance gets correlated with acne because a lot of PCOS women are insulin resistant and experience acne as well (Not all do though).

What do you suggest? give every acne sufferer a prescripition for Metformin.

And I've been on a "Low G.I diet" since I was twelve because I kept putting on weight.

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