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A Comparison Of Different Cystic Acne Treatment Methods

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Hey guys. I'm new here. So I was bored and did an experiement. I wanted to see what treatment methods were most popular on this particular section of this forum so I searched for, "cure" using the search form. I limited the results to results shown in the cystic/nodular acne section of this forum. There were 23 pages of results. I browsed through each page and looked for threads with titles giving clear and concise evidence that cures for cystic acne may have been found. I assumed that solutions were found. Then, I conscientiously reviewed the original post. If the original post contained evidence that an effective treatment was found, then I added a category for that treatment if the category did not already exist. Finally, I recorded the frequency for that treatment.

Here's what I discovered. I thought it would be nice to share the results. The results in table and visual form:

Bar Chart


Frequency Chart



Also compared the popularity of different vitamins/minerals for cystic acne. Once again, I performed a search for "cure". Found 23 pages of results. I checked all thread titles on all pages impying that there was a cure. I assumed that the original posters of the threads would post the vitamins and supplements that they used. I also assumed that the supplements that they posted did help them. If the assumption was rational then I added a group for the vitamin/supplement mentioned. Then I increased the frequency. Results are below. Looks like I need to buy a bottle of zinc and vitamin B5. Omega-3 is probably good to test as well.



Still mining for more data. Gonna add more findings later.

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