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24 Year Old With Change From Dry/normal To Oily/acne Prone Skin...

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Hi my name is Shekeita and this is my first post here. About 6 months ago my skin went crazy on me. went from never getting a pimple even as a teen to getting crazy breakout on my forehead, nose and cheeks. The bumps arent cystic but they are small white heads/clogged pores. they sometimes turn to bigger red and painful bumps. my forehead, chin and nose are the worst. I now have dark spots all over from them even when i didnt pop them. I didnt change my diet, detergents, skincare or etc. I never had pronounced pored but now my nose has huge visible pores.

My current skin care routine is:


Wash with CeraVe foaming cleanser

Tone with witch hazel

Moisturize with Olay sensitive skin all day UV moisturizer


Wash with CraVe foaming cleanser

Tone with witch hazel

Moisturize with CeraVe moisturizing cream

I am uninsured so a derm visit is out of the question! :( Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I also have a unmedicated thyroid nodule that may be the case. But I have to wait 3 more weeks to see a metabolic specialist at my local county hospital.

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I feel you! I am close to 26 and about the same age as you I just started to lose control of my skin for some reason. I had very mild acne that was kept perfectly under control with benzoyl peroxide and it was no big deal. My skin was beautiful. Then slowly the breakouts started to increase. I also never had pronounced pores as you said and now they are just so gross to me.

I don't know that I have much advice except maybe to try benzoyl peroxide since you can't afford a derm and it sounds like your acne is not that severe anyways so it's likely to help. Mine has become severe enough that the bp alone is not enough (cysts and nodules, not tons of them but still you need something oral to combat anything like that). So if you're just experiencing small white heads and clogged pores I'd definitely try the benzoyl peroxide. Look for 2.5% because anything stronger will dry you out too much and not work any better anyways.

Hand in there while you wait for you appointment. It will be good to be sure wether it's not caused by something more serious like you said, but I know it's hard to wait when you just want it to stop. I am also waiting for an appointment (with my derm, not an endocrinologist). It feels like an eternity and it's only a week and a half away haha.

Good luck.

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