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Hello everyone. My name is Roz and I'm from TX. As a teenager, I never had acne. I had the most flawless skin I must admit. I got a pimple every once in awhile, but that was few and far in between. Well, I hit my adult years and now I think I'm going through puberty for the first time! It's really hard because I never had this issue. I hardly ever wore makeup and now I won't go out of the house without it. I found this website while doing some research. I've spent so much money over the last year and a half on dermatologist until I can even begin to tell you how much! And I think one of them was a pervert. Why would a dermatologist have you get completely undressed (except for underwear) and put on a gown??? The crap is on my face and no where else and I told him that! Anyway, I found another one to go to. I have tried all kinds of prescription oral meds, creams, gels, etc. They really didn't work all that well. I was told I had hormonal acne and it's the deep cysts. After I had tried so many other things, he revisted accutane with me again which I do not want to take. That's when I found acne.org. I have been using the regime for almost 3 weeks now and I must say this is the best my face and skin has looked and felt in a couple of years. I had some really deep cysts along my jawline when when I started. They have cleared up faster than with the meds! They are not sore, raised and red any longer and not alot of scarring as I usually have. Once I have this under control, I would really like to work on all the acne scarring that was left behind.

Well that is my story and again I'm glad I found acne.org.


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Hi Roz! We share similar histories. I am new here too and really excited to build a support system. Acne can be so isolating! I also had really clear skin as a teen, and now, at 23, I've been battling cystic/hormonal acne for about 5 years. I also don't like to leave the house without makeup, and wearing so much makeup makes me really uncomfortable, but it's the lesser of two evils. I am happy to hear the retiming is working for you, good luck!

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