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All My Acne Has Dried Up And Stopped

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i have been on a low glycemic diet for 2 months but i was still drinking fruit juice and eating dried fruit bars. These are killer! # days ago I increased my diet to low sugar. I know only have at max 20g of sugar in a day. My skin has thanked me as I have no new acne and the small amount of acne that was left has dried up. i am having clear skin and it is due to my diet changes. As alternativevista said, if you want to get rid of your acne, eat like a diabetic. I have done this slowly and now I am clear. It is hard and slow but the acne goes away which is the goal right? i challenge you all to try a no sugar diet for 2 weeks only and see if your acne improves. This is why eskimos didn't have acne until they addopted a western diet and lifestyle. This is why the island of kitava has no acne. Acne is caused by too much insulin circulating which makes our hormones go on a roller coster and increases sebum production. Guess what? Diabetics experience something similar to acne called diabetic boils, too much sebum causes an boil with bacteria in it. The answer according to diabetics? Lower their insulin! acne is easy to cure and anyone can do it. acne is a sign of internal problems. Nothing external is going to truly heal your acne. You have to make internal changes and you will reap the benefits. Follow a low sugar, low glycemic diet for about 3 months and your acne should be gone. At least that is what happened to me and countless others I wish I had listened to years ago. smh at all the doctors who still deny this.

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