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What Could Be The Cause?

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I thought I’d see if anyone here has any advice on what I should do in my situation, since all the doctors I have seen have yet to make any significant difference.

My acne is purely on my face and has been increasingly getting worse over the past year.

** Currently: **

Left Temple – quite a lot of spots, of various sizes.

Right Temple – one or two minor ones.

Forehead – small bumps, blackheads, oily

Cheeks – clear

Around mouth – small spot now and again

** Treatments: **

NLite Laser – Last year I had three treatments, which had some effect. Recently I have had two more which I have seen little to no changes.

Tetralysal 300g – Started these tablets a year ago, seemed to work. Started these again this week, but the results take a few weeks to show afaik.

Retin-A – Used a 0.1% gel last year, which had some effect. I have started using ‘Retriderm 1% serum’ now which is having mixed results. I had a reaction the first time I used it and my entire face turned red, dry and flaky. Since that has cleared up I now use it to my temples, and the spot sizes have reduced. However the skin is more irritant and occasional ‘white heads’ appear.

Glycolic Anti-oxidant Cleanser – Have only used this a few times; I stopped once I had the Retin-reaction.

** Diet: **

- Started eating meat ~November 2011

- Started taking protien shakes ~November 2011 [various flavours, mainly strawberry]

- Increased amount of food intake ~Jan 2013

- Increased amount of protein shake intake ~Jan 2013 [mainly chocolate flavour]

** Me: **

- 21y.o. Male.

- Go the gym [heavy weights] 5/6times a week.

- I drink very little alcohol at the moment due to my skin being in, what I see as, a bad state.

- Used to have a Wheat/Gluten allergy when I was younger.

- Change my pillow cases often.

- Shower / wash face before bed.

I think my acne has become worse due to a few possible reasons:

- Lactose intolerance

- High Protein intake

- My life sucks.

If anyone has any questions please ask. I would love for my skin to “fix”.

If you managed to read through this, thankyou, and I hope you can help!

EDIT - I have no idea why there were hyperlinks on random words...

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