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Weed And Acne

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My acne has bounced around from moderate to severe starting roughly in the summer going into my junior year of high school. Up until sophmore year I NEVER had a zit (god i miss those days haha). I'm now in a sophmore in college and my acne while it is still pretty bad, is getting better year by year (but not by much). I've tried derms and topicals and meds and yada yada but nothing seems to really work. I thought to myself, what lifestyle changes have I made since I started getting acne? I know it's mostly puberty which hit pretty late for me but what else? Diet? Stress? Relationships? Sex?

Ahhh but one thing I never even considered, POT! I started smoking that same summer I got acne and haven't stopped since. I've been a daily toker with my longest break since being probably about 2 months. I'm on and off cigs every now and again but I've quit hopefully for good as of about 3 weeks ago. I literally LOVE to smoke pot. Wake n bake, mid day, chillin, to go to sleep, etc. I always notice though I look greasier after I smoke normally and my acne looks worse usually. Like a tad bit more redness and just BAM few new whiteheads. So I did the typical Google search "does smoking weed cause acne?" and most places said no correlation. Well I call bullshit. Maybe no correlation for MOST people but MOST people isn't EVERYBODY. I decided to test it myself. I told myself no smoking what so ever to see what would happen and the result? I cleared up! Not a lot, but a significant amount. I cheat myself and still smoke on the weekends but maybe once a day. I don't think I have necessarily "cleared up" but the suddem pimples slowed almost to a halt. Therefore letting the existing ones heal. For the first time in a long time my face feels smooth to the touch but I have an ass ton of scars and underlying marks.

I'm not saying this as some strangle ploy to get all you potheads to quit but simply to consider a break and see what happens if nothing has been working so far. I know this is an acne forum and drug related topics aren't exactly wanted but the fact of the matter is a lot of people have acne, a lot of people smoke pot, and a lot of people with acne smoke pot so the relates to both.

On a sidenote, I'm starting the regimen as soon as my supplies get delivered this week. Any tips? Also I'm prescribed Vyvanse which helps me focus on the intense maths and sciences I have to take in college. There IS a direct correlation between Vyvanse and acne. I'm constantly facing the question, do I want acne or do I want good grades? Does anybody know of a stimulant that acts similarly to vyvanse minus the whole acne part?

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