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Interesting Article On Causes Of Celiac Disease. [ Might Be Possible Implications To Acne Through Gut Health - Probiotics - Autoimmune Connection?]

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Interesting article on the causes of celiac disease:


I believe there might be possible implications to acne through the discussed Gut health - probiotics - autoimmune connection?

Acne is essentially an autoimmune disorder isn't?

Would be interesting to know the rates of acne amongst the Finnish and Russian populations they looked at.

Does anybody know of any research done on acne and intestinal bacteria?

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Thanks for this! It was a very interesting read. :) I don't know about acne rates in Russian Karelia since I've never been there, but I do know young Finns suffer from acne more or less the same as in any other Western country. Me being a prime example - none of my grandparents had acne, and my parents had it much milder than me and my siblings. I also follow a gluten-free diet due to digestion issues, though I haven't been diagnosed with celiacs.

I'm just wondering what could be done to improve the gut bacteria in today's environment. Moving to Russia is out of the question, unfortunately. Eat some local fish raw to get yourself H. pylori? Move to the countryside? Hmm, I don't have many useful ideas. :(

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I hope there is much more similar research being carried out, especially regarding acne and gut flora. To me it makes sense that acne is an autoimmune disorder similar to celiac disease, asthma and the others. Which i think essentially means one way to cure our acne would be trying to figure out a way to "control" our immune systems and changing and modifying our gut floras maybe this way.

To someone with such a lack of understanding as me this is easier said than done, hopefully some clever types will work it all out soon.

It is all such a headache, like you say, they mention how three of four Russian Karelian children harbored H-Pylori, something i associate with causing stomach cancer. Things are rarely simple:




You mention eating raw fish but have you even considered the part where they say "they also suffered from more fecal-oral infections" lmao. Seriously though, i think Fecal transplants are becoming more popular. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fecal_bacteriotherapy


Maybe as well as taking antibiotics and tane soon people will be on poo tablets for their acne lol.

I wonder what happened to the appropriately named "Bizzare" off these forums:


Before i become a fecal freak, i think the simplest thing to try, if you haven't already, would be taking probiotics such as Bifidobacteria as they mention etc. For some reason probiotics actually break me out, which i have also seen mentioned quite a lot, maybe i just need to stick with them long enough. Maybe we all just need to spend more time outdoors and less stuck inside on computers. I know i do.

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