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Another Topic About Irritation When Using Bp.

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I need help. I have always stayed away from BP because the first time I used it I looked like I'd been repeatedly punched in the face. But that was years ago so I decided to try again. Since I read that it is normal to experience redness and irritation with the regime I decided I'd just deal with it. I applied it all over my face before I went to bed on friday night. I woke up and though my skin felt dry it was not red or irritated or itchy. Most of the pimples I had been having trouble getting rid of were already going away. I decided not to use it in the morning. I used it again Saturday night. This time my face was red when I woke up. But this was definitely working for my acne. I thought I would stop until the redness went away and then I would start again. It seems even though I did not apply it over night my skin is getting redder & itchier. When I run my hands over my skin it is slightly bumpy. (though it doesn't look bumpy). And once again the skin under my eyes is red and a little bit puffy so it looks like someone punched me in the eyes. Is THIS normal? Should I persist? Should I only apply BP directly to the acne instead of all over my face? If I keep stopping and starting will my skin ever get used to the BP? I have not experienced any flakiness as of yet. I am using OXY 5. Along with the cetaphil cleanser. The moisturiser I am using is First Aid Ultra repair moisturiser. I also applied 98% aloe vera gel this morning to relieve the burning feeling. I'm also attempting to cover up the redness with foundation. Though because of the redness my foundation looks so dark compared to my neck. Lol. Disaster.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. If you need pics let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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