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Hello People. Listen To My First Ramble.

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well first off id like to say that my name is Daniel and ive been a ghost on these forums for a bit. Ive never had acne in my life untill i turned 21 about 7 months ago. I dont know where it came from or why, but ive learned to live with it. At first it was killing me, going from clear to a full face of acne is the worst. On top of that a girl i really liked and was messing with left me right when it started getting bad, so i was at an all time low. There was a time where i didnt even want to come out of the house. I just wanted to stay inside and obsess in the mirror. But recently ive decided to stop applying product and following all these regimens because i just dont believe anything works at this point. Now id like to share a positive ive gotten out of this whole acne face experience. prior to this i was a very judgmental person, id see people with acne and be like eww i don't want to talk to you. I look back at who i was in disgust, now im actually a happier person and more friendly. Sure i hate seeing acne on my face but what you gonna do, thats life. Acne or not as long as im living thats all that matters. I work out everyday and have a pretty good body, but a nice acne face kinda takes that away, but i use it to sorta release my anger i guess and just makes me happy. Im a fairly confident person with acne and what i see is that there is always great people out there who really just dont care about how you look, im one of them now. but i do know that there is people who will look at you in disgust since i was one of them but i look at them right back with disgust. Now when it comes to dating and all that i can say that i overlook my acne but honestly you cant. But what i can say is that if you're with a good person and having a good time you dont care and just forget about your acne. I dont really know where im going with all this but my main idea was to just tell people to live, we all have our problems and insecurities and you gotta just forget about them.

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You and me are in the same boat.

I'm doing water only regimen now and it's not going well. I've only had acne for 6 months and these last couple of weeks it looks worse than ever.

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