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There is a remedy for Hidradenitis Suppurativa.

First the facts, this info is found in some hidradenitis forums & I found it

in Celiac and Gluten Free forums – Hidradenitis is caused by antibodies to gluten.

Somewhere I read that the tiny tubing that leads from the apocrine sweat glands get clogged.

I think the gluten antibodies and bits of gluten we eat combine together and clogs these tubing and that starts the problem because the glands continue to produce sweat. But when sweat is impeded by the blockage , it remains and creates a swelling that complicates.

Anyway, this is my understanding but if not, it is something like that.

Now for the remedy.

I read of a lady named Claire who wrote how she got totally healed of hidradenitis.

But before you try this , you must be prepared for what it takes to get cured.

There is a saying, if you want something, I mean really want to get something that is important, you must be willing to pay the price.

Now, the price is you must remove the cause of the problem and that is to remove gluten – in other words go for the Gluten-Free -GF diet.

Also, if you smoke, stop smoking because smoking will prevent healing.

If you don't know how to do GF, it is found at www.celiac.com

Celiacs have been doing these because it is necessary for survival.

But we Hidradenitis people may not be good at this or do not have the right attitude.

But here it is- I had to make the adjustments of going GF and I was determined to get cured.

If you have the will, this is the way.

If you are still with me then you are ready.

So here it is.

Read about the lady that got cured at


Well, Am I cured?




It is your Life.

You make a decision.

I read Claire's article 6 times , on the 7th time I made

my decision.

You decide.

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