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High Chance Of Helping Your Acne

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Hi all, thought id come on a board or two and share my experiences and what has finally sloved my ance problem completely.

As everyone is different and younger people may be experancing acne purely due to puberty I thought Id post this in the 25+ area, as I am 25.

I have had acne for as long as I remember, mostly the face but in recent years large sists on my chest, which had left alot of scaring. On a normal week I would have 3 - 8 white head pimples on my face, at least one would be big and very discusting. Some would get so massive no matter what I done it would leave a big mark on my face for months.

I'll start with what cured my acne completely, and then go on to talk about some things that helped me when I suffered.

First, my cure

2th, pimple treatment

3rd, scar treatment


Two words, Gluten Free!

I came to realize due to stomach problems I started having that I was gluten intolerant, had been most of my life I believe, but acne was about the only symptom, later came stomach pains ect. This wont be the case for everyone, but I think it is overlooked. 1 week gluten free and I could see improvments, I wasn't expecting anything to change with my pimples, I was shocked. 2 weeks later I'm pimple free (Going on 6 months now). If I do eat bread or anything gluten within 12 - 24hours I get a pimple, or two depending how much I eat.

If you haven't tryed been gluten free, I susgest a two week trial. It can be hard as so many food contain it but I feel great for it and once you get used to it it becomes alot easyer.


When I was suffering from pimples the best product I found was "Proactiv" it really is the only face wash I found that worked for me, takes a week or two to show results but it certinly worked. Only down side I think would be with long term use, I have used for over a year and no problems, but it appears to be a strong chemical, it will blech fabric. So after many years of use your skin might look a bit leatherly or something lol.

I also found taking zinc and vit A helped to reduce pimples, taking nightly I saw an improvement, it would go between 20 - 60% effective, changed alot. But used with other products I found them helpful.

3rd, scaring.

The proactive helped alot with scaring, continued use for a few months made a huge difference to my chest, Later I brought some other scar products but never really gave them proper chance to judge there effectiveness.

Pimples that have turned into sores, been picked ect, I found Vit E applyed directly to the sore lessened the redness and scaring, I would buy Vit E caps and cut them open, rub the liquid directly onto the sore twice a day. Not sure how effective it would be taking orally, I doubt very.

I hope this information is usful to somebody. What I have learned however is it can be as simple as diet, in all my years I tryed every product you've herd of, but never did I change my diet. Hope this helps somebody.



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