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My Simple Yet Effective Regimen

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I stopped washing my face with soap and water (except in the shower; no soap on face)... i use a cotton ball with a solution of 1 sqeezed lemon, i dilute the lemon juice with 1/3 part water and 1 drop of tea tree oil.. i have a little tiny pump bottle i put the solution in (shake well before use.) I go through 3 or 4 cotton balls after cleaning my face and you'll see lots of dirt pulled off your face... i use this 2-3 times a day...

you will notice instant results and a glow in the morning... the lemon restores the skins natrual ph while acting like an astringent. and the tea tree oil gives you all day antibacterial protection.

Most importantly for this regimen to work is to cut out most unnatural chemicals from diet and surrounding. if you can't pronounce the ingredient dont use it (beware of products claiming to be "natural.")

Switch to non-flouride tooth paste

get a good water filter... (i use berkey water filters... they have an attachment to remove the sodium flouride...) its a very good investment for good long term overall health... god only knows what nasty shit is in the tap water.

Only use room tempeture water on your face... slighty warm water is okay

Also i notice when i drink freshly juiced organic carrot and apple juice it help clear up my break outs.

i started then broke my regimen (went on vaccation) (broke out on vaccation) now im back to my healthy choices ;P ill post my before and after pictures in a week or two.

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nice ill try this tonight,, thanks for sharing... i only wash my face once at night with a moderate face wash, nothing harsh.. in the morning just a splash of water and towel dry.. no need for all those chemicals in those products sponsoring their acne washes

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*UPDATE* My skin is looking AMAZING the best it has ever looked in 5 years. i feel normal now... another thing i left out is i juice half a lemon every day and drink it with water... You must try my treatment biggrin.png

Everyone should realize whatever you put on your skin absorbs into your bloodstream in 26 seconds. that's why i prefer not to use manufactured products on my skin. it seems like alot of the chemicals inside skin care products have nasty byproducts that companies profit of by selling them to you rather properly disposing of them. i researched this pimple cream i bought turns out their was chemicals similar to formaldehyde in the cream, LIKE WTF?!?! dont trust processed shit!!!!

UPDATE* Follow my signatures regimen i kind of updated it... i prefer the mist better then the cotton balls.

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