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Patience & Being Gentle?

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Well since joining this forum I have tried a few new things and my skin is getting better so I thought I would share. The first thing I learned on this site is how to gently cleanse my skin. I believe this is a very important step. Before I would be angry with my skin thinking I could rub my acne off the harder and longer I scrubbed. In turn my skin would look back at me in the mirror angrily. So now when I cleanse with my tea tree oil Castile soap I work up a lather like Dan suggests and very lightly go over my skin after I have splashed it with lukewarm water. I do this for about 30 seconds and then rinse with lukewarm water. I basically am using the acne.org technique in terms of cleansing. This has made a difference for me I believe. Next I tone with acv and aloe vera. 2tbs of aloe vera and 1/4c of acv mixed together. Again I am very gentle. Lastly I moisturize with 100% shea butter and two drops of grapeseed oil. I may be dropping grapeseed oil soon since I read that it has a comedogenic rating of 2 and shea butter is at 0. But I don't believe grape seed has broken me out. It would just be an extra precaution for me to leave it out of my routine if anything. Twice a wk on wed and sat I exfoliate with mashed pineapple and baking soda. I get the mixture going and add a little water to make a paste. Leave it on my skin until it dries then GENTLY exfoliate. Gentleness has been the key in all of this. I can honesty say I have seen a difference in my skin, frequency of breakouts and texture seems to be changing as well. Scars lightening. No miracle thing happening but I am seeing changes. It seems like I have a loooong ways to go but I believe if I don't spaz out I could be on my way to clear skin. What do I mean by spazzing out? Well when I would get frustrated with my skin I would think oh I need to give myself some crazy facial treatment or go to town extracting to clean out my pores. I would force zits out and pick and irritate my face and leave a huge mess that took my skin forever to recover from and most times caused more breakouts. Now I don't bother to do anything outside of my regimen. I try to notice the nice improvements and know that everything is a process. I have also been very mindful about my hands on my face along with my hair. I sleep on my stomach though and haven't been the best with changing my pillow cases as often as I should. However, my skin is still improving! Lastly, diet changes. I am a woman and believe some of my skin problems may be hormonal. So I have been taking herbs from dhealthstore. Female hormone formula and the mooncycle formula. Every morning I drink a green smoothie with almond milk as a base and add ground flaxseed. I now drink 2 cups minimum of green tea a day. I also watch my sugar intake more than before. Although I'm not too strict. I just had Girl Scout cookies before writing this post and had a milkshake last night lol. I've been doing this since mid January. I'm hoping that if I continue to be patient and gentle with my skin, including my thoughts about it I will make some progress towards healing myself. I've been taking pics so maybe in another month I will post on my progress. I guess in a way I'm kind of surrendering to my skin issues doing what I can and leaving the rest up to time. Has anyone else taken on this mindset? Have you seen improvements?

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I have also adopted the "gentler is better" approach to caring for my skin. I used to furiously scrub my face, use a heavy hand with the cotton pad for my toner, etc. It's only been a couple weeks, but I can tell that my skin is appreciating the gentle touch :) And patience is key...nothing is going to change overnight, even though that's what we all want!

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