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Very Mild, Very Persistent Acne A Year After Treatment.

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Hi there,

December 2011 I finished a 6 month treatment of Accutane for my face (sorry I can't recall the dosage). My acne was severe, pustule, cystic and very painful. (Can be seen below).


It was always focused around my cheeks and mouth and never anywhere else. After my treatment it cleared up entirely with just obvious scaring but my face was relatively clear. December 2012 rolled by and over the Christmas holidays I broke out on my cheeks and jawline. It was a very small break out, more on one cheek than the other but since then it has stayed the same and hasn't gotten worse or better. The regimen I adopted after my treatment was a very mild face wash with no medicated ingredients and water based moisturizer. Wash my face once a day, moisturize after wash and moisturize before bed. I usually get acne when my face is too dry. I hadn't changed my regimen at all, I was very stressed at one point and thought maybe that was the reason. I don't feel stressed anymore but the acne will not go away with just my regular regimen and I can't understand why. This acne is very mild, non pustule, very red and isn't raised at all. If you brush your hand along my face it's entirely smooth and flat. It can be seen below.


I would just like to know if anyone has any info on this type of acne. I haven't had such mild acne that was so persistent before and I have no idea what to do. I know in the past, using tons of products has been worse for me, using little medicated products and moisturizing has always been the key for me so I have no idea what has gone wrong or how to approach this.

Thank you, Pentanone.

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