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Cancelled On So Many Friends These Last Few Weeks...

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Just a bit of a rant, really. Haven't been on this forum for years, but I had a major break-out a few weeks back that has been getting me very down. Basically on my jawline all on one side, lots of tiny bumps, a good few cysts etc. Of course, I picked and squeezed and made it all much, more worse. So I'm left with acne of varying degrees, from brown/red marks, to scabs, to the most recent tiny spots that for some reason I just had to poke and squeeze. Ended up making them both bleed and weep from all the picking and they now look pretty damn awful. They're both huge, and right next to each other. I just have to accept that they look terrible, cos thankfully the rest of my face looks okay, with just a few pimples/marks here and there.

But the point of this is the cancelled plans/events that I've been doing since my breakout, it really makes me so depressed to not be able to have the confidence to go out with my friends. I even called in work last sunday "sick" because I just couldn't face the people and customers. I have to go in tomorrow, and I am absolutely dreading it. I've also missed out on a few dates, things like that. Anyone else like this? I only really go out when I have to when my face is like this, but I haven't felt this miserable and not wanting to go out since I was a teenager when my face was horrendous.

Damn you acne...

Anyone have any advice? I'm going to work tomorrow because I HAVE to, if there was any other way I wouldn't. As for friends, I'm going to say I'm busy next week... :(

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You can always consider wearing some makeup over the trouble areas on your face such as a small amount of concealer or foundation. People will probably not even notice you're wearing makeup if you just put on a small amount on the spots you need it the most on your face. It will help camoflauge your acne and make it a lot less noticable so you feel more confident about yourself. If you dont wanna wear makeup you should still go out with your friends and go to work because even if you do feel insecure about your face you cant let some acne ruin your life like i let it ruin mine for a while. I would stay in my room all day and not go out either but i finally learned that doing that didnt solve anything and just made me feel worse about myself. So i forced myself to go out with my friends on the weekends instead of sitting in my room all alone and it actually made me feel a lot better. You have to remember that true friends wont care if you have acne...mine didnt. And as for your dates and people at work, you just have to try to show them that you're confident in yourself. Try not to think about what your face looks like and remember that the acne will eventually go away. I highly recommend using the Murad clarifying cleanser wash for your acne. It's just a face wash that you wash your face with once in the morning and once at night. It works amazingly for me and i highly suggest you try it...it cleared my face up very fast and ive been using it for almost a year now and ive never been happier with my skin! Here's the link for it in the UK https://www.murad.co.uk/clarifying-cleanser since that's where it says your location is but they also sell it america because i get it where i live. Murad also has a 4 step regimen you can try that has the clarifying cleanser as the first step https://www.murad.co.uk/blemish-complex-kit%C2%AE-30-day-kit They also have a 60-day kit but i suggest getting the 30-day kit first to try it and see how it works for you if you're considering buying it at all. I wish you the best of luck surprised.gif

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I do wear concealer for all my sins, haha! Have done since I got my first nasty lil spot when I was 13 or 14, and my mum just got fed up and dabbed some concealer on it - had one ever since. It's a bit of an addiction actually. I don't go over-board, but I do try to control any redness of spots with some. You're right, but it's easier said than done isn't it? I haven't felt this way for years (feeling like I can't even go out) so it's a bit of a shock to find myself in this situation again. I did go to work today, cancelled my shift last week but when in today knowing that my face looks crap, and actually it was fine. Well, until one of my work mates kinda hugged me and caught the spots on my neck, which hurt... reminding me of their existence! Buggers.

That Murad looks interesting, but I'm always sceptical trying new stuff. Read some reviews, and a lot say that it's good, but doesn't really help with the acne? I did notice that you can apparently send it back and get money back if not satisfied however, so maybe it is worth a try after all? So thanks for that.

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I feel your pain! Nothing feels worse than canceling plans or turning down invitations because I don't want to go out with my skin looking bad.

Sometimes, I just tell myself to deal with, suck it up, and go out and have fun. Forgetting about my skin for awhile while I enjoy myself is always nice, and at least I know I won't sit home feeling sad or down, looking in the mirror and either beating my self up or taking it out on my skin by picking.

Other times I know if I go out I won't have a good time because I'll just be worried everyone is looking at my skin. Those times, I would rather stay home with a good book or Netflix and just relax.

So, not a lot of advice here, just commiserating with you for sure. I just tell myself to try not to miss out on fun things or cool opportunities because of my skin, because I know I'll regret that later. I just hate how much my skin is always in the forefront of my mind. There are so many things I remember doing and the first thing I remember is the condition of my skin. I'll think of a specific time I went to eat with someone, or a certain party, or an event and I'll remember exactly what my skin looked like and how I was feeling about it. I hate it.

You're not alone at all. Just remember it'll get better! Hang in there.

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