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Hey there,

I'm Simona and I'm from Italy. Actually, when I was 15/20/25 years old I never suffered of acne...But now that I'm about 30 I have a face like a teenager! Lately I had some hormonal problems (now almost solved) but I still have acne.I just hate the way acne made me feel about myself. shake.gif I hope to find some help here, I've read some posts already, you are all beautiful people! wub.png

Have a nice day to everyone!

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Hi Simona! Just wanted to let you know you are not alone. I am in a similar situation, I am the same age as you and am also struggling with acne. While I think it is tough at any age, being an adult with acne has some unique challenges and can certainly effect how you feel about yourself. Best of luck to you!

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hi Simona,

I have the same problem, hope resolved in this moment. When I was 15 or 20, I had beautiful, enviable skin. Then in 28 I started to have some acne, in 30 cysts, first scars, panic... I made some mistakes, for example I applied 4 times Duac gel (5%benzoyl peroxide) proscribed by dermatologist, it fatally burned my skin, I utilised Bioderma products (Sebium) - I think it wasn´t good, because my cysts started in this periode of Bioderma treatment.

Now I refuse prescriptions and I try to understand my body and my skin. I reduced coffee (but not absolutely, I drink 1coffe per day), everyday I take vitamin called Niacin 500mg, Zinc, vit C, I drink tea from fresh ginger.. As moisturizer I apply morning and evening pond´s cold cream. I don´t wear make-up (there are also dangerous ingredients) just corector for red marks and powder, I don´t use birth control pills.

I don´t know what from this things helped me (I think was Niacin), but now, I haven´t problem with acne. I have only one tiny pimple here and there, but it is normal for everyone.

I hope something help you

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