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I have a lot of red marks on my face. I know many of you have red marks due to acne. I'm curious but are the majority of your red marks from pimples or from cysts?

I don't mind red marks from pimples though because usually its not too bad... but the red marks left from those nasty cysts that gets popped and bleeds... they make my face look very bad. They are pretty close to dime size those red marks and i have quite a few of them on my face.

Does anyone find the red marks to be harder to clear from cysts as oppose to pimples that lead the red marks? Someone said you shouldn't even call cysts pimples because they are worst than that as i see its listed as severe acne than mild/moderate acne.

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Yes, my scars from cysts take much longer to fade than those left behind from smaller pimples/comedones. They leave red/dark hyperpigmented marks regardless of if i pop them or not. I asked my derm why they scar even if i leave them alone and he said there is still puss/bacteria in there that doesnt just disappear but turns into that dark scar as it heals. He said the scar will fade much faster when leaving it alone, however, instead of popping it.

Think its because cysts occur on the lowest layer of your skin and thus take longer to heal as the different layers move up and up to the epidermis.

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