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Battling Acne And Depression

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Hi everyone, after being a long time visitor to the site I finally decided to sign up and here is my first post!

I am a 20 year old male from the UK that like many of you has struggled with acne for much of adolescent and early adult life.

I started getting very mild acne when I was around 14-15, and although it did bother me at the time, I got over it as I thought it was just a part of growing up and something that would go in a few years.

When I was 16 going on 17 the acne started to become more persistent and it started to bother me a lot more, I was at that very self conscious stage in life and as a result constantly obsessed over my face. I decided to visit the doctor who prescribed me a benzoyl peroxide cream amongst other things, and for a while that seemed to be effective.

However, like all things it stopped working, and for the next 1-2 years I was going back and forth to the doctors every few months and went through countless topical treatments that were prescribed to me.Long story short, none of them were ever 100% effective and they all eventually stopped working.

Between 18 and 19 my acne became even worse and went from mild to moderate, so I decided it was time to again see the doctor but this time demand antibiotics, as at the time I believed these would definitely clear me up. I was prescribed lymecycline, which like all topical treatments before it was effective for around 6 months and then lost its effect.

Cue another visit to the doctor and another visit, in which I went through two different antibiotics: tetracycline and my current one trimethoprim.

It got to the point that when I last visited the doctor I was so determined to be put on roaccutane as I felt that this was the only solution, and I had no plenty of people from school who used to have severe acne and were now clear thanks to the drug. However, I was told I did not meet the criteria for the drug as my acne was only moderate and not severe.

So here I am today, taking my trimethoprim and using my topical epiduo treatment religiously but yet again 6 months down the line my face is breaking out worse than ever and I have again lost all hope and started to become desperate. The problem with my acne is that it is taking over my life, it dictates whether or not I leave the house, what I eat, basically the reflection I see in the mirror in the morning dictates whether I am going to have a good day or just feel miserable because my skin is a mess.

For me the psychological effects of having acne are worse than anything, ever since my acne has worsened I have changed as a person and become much more shy and retiring.

So here I am now, sat at home on my bed having skipped another day of uni because I couldn't face leaving the house today feeling the lowest I have felt for quite some time. I tell myself I am being pathetic and I know that regardless of the fact I have acne, that ultimately I am fortunate to be in otherwise good health and have a loving family, but despite this I just can't seem to get out of the mental state I am in.

Anyways, sorry for the long post and thank you for taking the time to read. Just felt I had to get this off my chest as my friends and family don't seem to understand what the "fuss" is about.

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I know how you feel. It sucks to leave the house knowing that people will see all the acne...it's so much easier to stay home. But it's deffintely not healthy to just lock yourself in the house...the acne will get better and it does not determine who you are. It's hard to hear the critisism and comments...no one wants to hear "what happened to your face?" -- especially from family...but it happens, and we just have to be strong enough to not listen and to believe it will get better. keep your head up.

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Thankyou for the response and kind words, I agree completely with what you have said. Although it is an everyday struggle, I realize that I can't just give up, I've got to keep on going!

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