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Is The Derma Stamp Worth It?

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I think it's worth giving a shot, but don't do it more than once a month. If I were you, I'd do it every 6-8 weeks with a 1.5mm stamp, and be prepared to do it for 6-12 months before evaluating results.

Please keep us updated, if you don't mind! Even if you don't get much improvement, I'm sure many people in the same situation as you and considering different treatments would like to know what your experience was. The problem I had when considering stamping and needling was that I couldn't find enough information and stories on whether it actually worked or not. There were a couple of great success stories, but I never saw any good before after pictures and it seemed that the majority of people trying stamping or rolling didn't properly report back on their results.

I haven't tried stamping or rolling, but I've done single needling on some individual scars and that didn't hurt. Although I assume stamping would hurt more. I haven't done needling enough to assess the effectiveness, and right now I'm not continuing with it due to other skin issues I need to sort out first, although I may try it again later. But I do think that it can be an effective treatment to treat scars in some cases, depending on the scarring and the individiual. Good luck with your dermastamping!

And I highly recommend you read Sarah Vaughter's dermarolling instructions completely before even buying a stamp:


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I've tried the dermastamp. I got the standard size (I believe it's the bigger one), and when I press it into the skin, I see that only the needles on the outside of the rectangle go into the skin, while the needles in the center part didn't go in at all (if I remember correctly, I remember 70% of the needles didn't go in, no matter what I did). This was the 1.5mm.

I ended up going back to the roller 1.5mm, because it went much deeper into the skin.

I don't know if this is the same situation for everyone, but personally, I will never recommend the dermastamp.

The 0.75 - 1mm should be deep enough for your situation. Prob single needles for that.


In terms of pain,

if you exfoliate right before, pain increases.

If you use retin A for a long period of time, and your skin starts to thin, and you exfoliate, and then you use a 1.5mm, then it really hurts.

Jab the needles into your skin and see how it feels smile.png

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This is an old post but I'd just like to mention that the derma stamp didn't work for me on this scar. I purchased a 1.5 mm derma stamp and used it a few times over the space of a few months. I drew blood each time I used it (it was quite painful) but it has made no difference to the scar. I've also tried 100% glycolic acid a few times, and again the scar has stayed exactly the same. I'm next going to try a strong TCA peel. I've used TCA in the past ranging from 25% - 100% and it has worked on shallow scarring and hyperpigmentation on my cheeks.

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That's a big sinkhole for sure but nowhere as big as this guy's crater:


What you need is a subcision, which you can Google for accurate description. Either you can have it done professionally with the help of a plastic surgeon or, like the dude in the above post, at home with the right tools and knowledge. Either way, you'll have a better outcome with the subcision than the roller or the stamp IMO.

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