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Chloe Solaberwaki

I Just Want The Skin That Everyone Else Has!

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Hi guys :)

I'm Chloe, I knew about acne.org from youtube while I was looking up how to basically get rid of acne, and everyone recommended this place!! So I'm just giving it a try :)

Maybe like a lot of you guys whom have been suffering from acne for quite some time and are calling for SOS. I have been suffering from acne since the beginning of high school, I have just turned 19. Even tho its slowly reducing, I still have them! I would still need to use make up to cover it when I go out - I know its really bad, but I can't help it!!

I see people around me, people on youtube have beautiful skin! Even if they don't, they somehow can cover it with makeup and look as if they have that perfect skin that I wanted so bad.

I'm new to this community and I'm starting uni in 2 weeks time!

I really would like to try out the acne.org products, but when they say your skin will start peeling, I just don't know should I still go for it!

I really would love to, and I need to get some help from here!! Yet, I also would want to help out the others if I can :)


Chloe :)

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Hey Cloe! I feel your pain. My skin used to be such a problem for me, like for many years. I tried everything but prescription medication because I just knew there had to be an easier way to get back the clear skin I used to have. A friend of a friend told me she accidentally figured out how to get rid of her acne one day. I tried it and it was so ridiculously obvious I couldn't believe all those years I wasted, and the money too. She has a website and everything. I can't put it on here cuz that would violate the rules but you can email me if you want the link. Its like 20 bucks to get the PDF guide, but its so worth it and the actual cure is like everywhere, and really cheap. Good luck! :)

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Thanks Lauren! if you may yes please, can I have that site! :)

Since I don't have your email, this is mine [email protected]

I don't have bad bad acne, but most times it goes really bad i.e redness combine with scars and the acne, which have been driving me crazy!! However, lately I have gone back to the most basic face cleaning routine - Scrub, Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser!! I'm doing the scrub once a day, but cleansing depends how bothered i am :) once to twice a day (morning and night), the also follow with a toner and a moisturiser. Im not sure does the brand matter, but I got them from the drug store.

I'll put the details on another page (Coz I don't think they belong to this page..) :)

I hope this would help you too! :)



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