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Hello! I'm Curious About Your Experiences So Far

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Hi! I am new here (obviously wink.png ) and wanted to start out by asking a question of those who frequent these forums. I'm about to jump into the forum officially and look into posts and what not, but there is so much to read it'll take a while to scope out. Meanwhile, what I'm looking for is some idea of how many people on here are trying natural methods (with success!) instead of purely creams, cleansers, washers, pills etc. If you've had success with some personal method or lifestyle change that doesn't just involve pharmaceuticals, I would really like to hear from you!

I am edging into my 25th birthday this year and frowning at the memory of many well-meaning, trusted and loving friends telling me "Don't worry. You'll only have this while you're a teenager. As soon as you're 19 or 20, it'll go away." The funny or ironic thing is, I have had an increase of acne in the past few years than I have ever had in my teen years (and much more shame walking around in the vast expanses of this world which has personally shrunk to the size of my living room for shame someone might see me). I've tried Proactiv (among many others) and it only makes it worse, so I'm quite skeptical and cautious when it comes to chemical / external "treatments". I'm hoping for something that will "last" and truly cure my acne, which I'm convinced is larger than just a skin issue or else it wouldn't have lasted this long.

So if you think this is a good place to learn about natural methods of acne healing and lifestyle changes that work, please let me know so I can hang around and learn from all of you. I would love a support team. :)

Also, just as an afterthought - are quizzes allowed on these forums? I would LOVE to offer some quizzes (and the results - maybe in the adult forum?) to interested members so we can really understand what lifestyle tendencies parallel acne victims, so it's easier to understand what and how to change. Admin thoughts?

Thanks a ton!

- Sera (Gaddian)

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