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My Cystic/nodular Acne Has Subsided To Loads Of Clogged Pores/blackheads

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TL;DR: For years I got giant inflamed cysts/nodules/pustules/papules that took forever to heal, in the past week or two that has turned into clogged pores/blackheads everywhere (body too). Definitely an improvement but weird nonetheless. I've been taking a lot of supplements and prescriptions that probably affected this. What should I be doing to fix this?

As of today:

Forehead: http://imgur.com/paaCmP0

Left side: http://imgur.com/rpXSZeN

Right side: http://imgur.com/5z2EVq8



Hey guys, I'm 18 and have been dealing with large, highly inflamed acne on my face, chest and shoulders for years now with varying success in clearing it (I was very clear for a couple months last spring but it's come back).

I haven't had any major new breakouts lately, but my pores have become huge and clogged on both my face and my body in places where I've never had acne.

I prefer these blackhead things to the giant inflamed monstrosities, so I'm not too worried but want to clear them up.

I don't have any before pictures, but trust me, the largest red mark you see in the pictures above is smaller than the average active zit I was getting just recently.

(update: I found some old before pictures in this thread I started in 2010 - )


Things I'm taking:

First of all, I was late diagnosed with ADHD and have been on Adderall for about 5 weeks, which I've heard can have skin effects. The acne is from way before then though.

I've been on retin-A for about 2.5 months (and Aczone in the morning, but I don't use it much), and I was on doxycycline for about 2 months but stopped using it about 1-2 weeks ago because it was causing me other health issues and antibiotics seem like a terrible solution for acne anyway.

I'm also on a bunch of different supplements:

For over a year: source naturals multivitamin, Zinc, b5 megadose (been weening myself off of it from 10g/day, it was one thing that helped clear me back last year so I'm hesitant to stop it completely)

For a few months: chlorophyll, green tea extract, serrapeptase (for inflammation)

For the past few weeks: The antibiotics also gave me candida overgrowth symptoms, so I've been taking garlic extract (allicin), boron, probiotics, and an anti-candida enzyme. The candida symptoms have been declining. I also started taking saw palmetto, turmeric, and ginger, and vitamin k/k2. My skin has looked much healthier recently (besides these pores) and things have been healing faster. Even my fingernails, which are usually all ripped and disgusting, have been perfect lately, which I attribute to the vitamin K. I also have been taking 500mg of maca daily for the past week or so for energy. Maca has a hormonal balancing effect, but 500mg is probably too low of a dose for that to effect me. I've taken maca before and it didn't help my acne.

Can any of these supplements be interacting in a weird way, and should I stop any of them? I plan on weening myself from pretty much all of them soon enough.



-I also just recently starting regularly using a moisturizer.

-I have some things that I think may be helpful to my current situation: tea tree oil, emu oil + jojoba oil, a 20% salicylic acid peel, and a bottle of vitamin C+E+Ferulic acid and I have no problem buying anything else anyone may think is helpful

-I don't exfoliate or use any bp/sa because my skin was/is very sensitive. It's improving on that front though so I should probably start exfoliating, yes?

Any tips/info are highly appreciated, thank you!

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