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Sadly I'm Back

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Hi everyone,

After 2 years of being clear, it seems that in the last two months my skin seems to have decided to play up again! I used the regimen for about. Two years and when my skin cleared an stayed clear I came off t slowly. I was the constantly clear for around a year and a half. Even when visiting hot countries ect I didn't get any spots! Sadly now it all seems to have returned with large under the skin spots and white heads!

I'm in the uk. Oxy on the spot seems t have disapered off the shelves so I'm currently using quinoderm. All the emotions from before I was Clear seem to have come flooding back. I'm already thinking of excuses of why I can't go out and I just want sit by myself and cry honestly!

I'm 24 years old and I feel I'm to old to be going through this all again!

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Im 22 and just started having acne issue. Cystic, red pimples and also black heads and clogged pores. I am not sure if you are a man or woman but if you are a woman you might want to consider if hormones has something to do with it. I stopped taking birth control last summer and began to have HORRIBLE acne all of the sudden. I ended up getting my hormone levels checked and realized i have an imbalance and started taking the pill again. I am not taking the pill and started the regimen with acne.org products. I have heard that once you stop the regimen it can come back so it is kind of a life-time commitment. Or at least until you are of an old enough age that your hormones are not raging anymore. If the regimen cleared your skin before I would consider going back on it... Good Luck!

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