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Wondering why when i see photos of like every single girl on facebook they have no acne yet have terrible diets, literally all of them!! must be about 3-400 how the hell do they manage to eat what they want but stay clear?, i know it isn't just make up cause they have pics of them without it n they have none, how do they manage it?

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Well since acne sufferers tend to represent a minority of the population it makes sense that there's a huge number of people who aren't acne prone. Science has more or less concluded that diet does not cause acne; it only aggravates it in those that have acne-prone skin. Basically I think it comes down to genetic make-up. Those 3 to 400 have not the predisposition for acne and thus, have normal skin like so many people I see.

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hmmm i definitely dont think acne sufferers are a minority, i see tons of people with acne at school, a lot of them even worse than mine. but fb pictures are misleading haha unless they were taken with super high quality cameras they dont really catch all the details in a persons skin. no one has completely flawless skin 24/7

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A lot of people do have clear skin, but please trust me, you CANNOT believe what you see in photos on the internet! Makeup or not! For years I have been using Photoshop to perfect/airbrush all of my photos. I have openly admitted this, but that doesn't mean there aren't tons of girls doing the same thing who do not admit it.

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