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Ok, A Little Fish Oil Confusion

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Hi, i have a simple question. How much fish oil is too much. They say 2:1 omega 3 to 6 is ideal, but they also say too much fish oil has all these negative reactions. If im on a low carb high fat diet how can I get to that 2:1 or 1:1 without having bad effects. I'm eating over 1400 calories a day in pure fat alone, that is all omega 6 fat primarily. I would have to take 700 calories or roughly 6 tablespoons of fish oil in place of my fat consumption to maintain my calorie count and keep a balance. I NEED the calories since I work out alot and am studying to be a personal trainer. Is it safe to try to accumulate all these omega 3s from other sources or is it just too much all together. Is it just not meant for such high fat diets?

If your interested you can read this next part, my reasoning for taking the fish oil.

Long story short I've done the candida diet, within a month had night and day effects, but it is completely unsustainable and I lost tons of weight. I dont really think it was candida because my dermotologist gave me anti fungals and they did nothing. I think it was just the low carb diet

I've done paleo, It helped but I believe the high sugar content led to the acne that would go away.

Right now for the past months and a half I've been in complete ketosis. Been doing a low carb paleo candida hybrid I've been eating under 20grams of carbs a day. If it was the sugar that I thought it was I would be clear. I'm getting similar results to the paleo but a bit clearere, but nothing like the candida.

Most of what I'm eating is fat and protein, olive oil coconut oil, almonds, etc.

I believe it is due to the extremely high omega 6 content. I'm looking to start taking fish oil again to balance it out but I would need ALOT of fish oil to get to a 1:1 ratio on my diet.

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If you are getting 1400 calories from fat, I don't think it would be "primarily all" omega 6. As far as I understand, only polyunsaturated fatty acids are classified as omega 3 or 6. Coconut oil for instance is mostly saturated fat and has little or no omega 3 or 6. So I don't think you need as much fish oil as you think. One or two tablespoons sounds more reasonable.

What is the difference between the diet you're on now and the "candida diet" you were doing before? Is it just that you're eating nuts now? Nuts can cause breakouts if you are allergic/sensitive to them, which is not uncommon. Although if you are eating a lot of them, then yeah, you could be getting too much omega 6.

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