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So I am approaching my 5th month of Ortho Tri Cyclen BCPs...and I have to say my skin has FINALLY begun to clear up.

I had a sudden outbreak of hormonal acne about 6-7 months ago, having never had a pimple before in my life. I am 25.

The initial breakout from Ortho Tri was horrible, and my skin still isn't as good as it was before I started taking it....but now I am beginning to see more good days than bad.

HOWEVER...I still suffer from these stubborn little bumps (sometimes they get red and inflamed, but mostly just stay tiny bumps) all along my chin and jawline, occaisionally on my lower cheeks.

Does anyone know of a good spot treatment for this?

Because it's hormonal acne, my doctor prescribed me Epiduo, but I feel like that could do more harm than good, being that my acne is not moderate anymore.

Does anyone know of good, fast, effective spot treatments for this kind of mild tiny bump acne?

They just don't go away!! I've had them for months... I'm looking for something I can purchase at my local CVS/pharmacy/anything OTC.

I wouldn't want to aggrivate my skin when it's doing so well, so again, I don't know if Epiduo is right for me at this point. I just need something that will get rid of the bumps without inflaming them or purging the areas around my current blemishes.

Is there a spot treatment that works to kill the bacteria in the small bumps, flatten and heal them; rather than bring it to a head and try to expel it from my skin?

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Thats so awesome you are starting to see results, cheers!I can agree with the point you are making about the Epiduo. It has a bad rap with me because of its severe drying effects (then again I have sensitive skin so who knows). Anyway, yea I think the Epi would be a bit of overkill and just irritate mostly. As far as spot treatments I'm a bit caught on giving a OTC suggestion since honestly, over years of trying(like 5) I never found one. The one I have found to be greatly effective is a prescription called Aczone(Dapsone gel). It specifically targets inflammation without drying the skin like BP or Epi.

Sorry I can't be more help but otc is a tough nut to find. eusa_think.gif All i can say is if you can't go topical maybe you can try supplemental? Vitamin A is anti-imfflamitory, along with Omega-3's, Vitamin E, and Zinc.

Any questions feel free dot.gif

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