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Guys Using Bb Cream

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Hi everyone!

I'm currently 1 month into my second course of accutane as i broke out literally straight away after finishing my first course. I heard some good reviews about BB creams, it acts as a moisturizer and can also help cover acne scars etc. Just wondering, any of you have used it, if so whats ur views on it? Do you think it would be wise to use it whilst on accutane and will it make my acne worse? And lastly, is it noticeable once applied?

Thanks in advance :)

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I'm a girl and haven't used it. I do however use Neutrogena Baby Faces sunscreen under my makeup, which really seems to smooth my skin. You really have to rub it in though or it will look too white. I never leave the house without sunscreen. I'm pretty paranoid about any type of skin damage now. But there are probably really lightly tinted bb creams designed to look as if you are not wearing anything. couldn't hurt to get a sample.

Philosophy also makes "clear makeup," which is as you might think, colorless. It is supposed to be a primer but can also function as foundation.

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I am a girl and have been using bb creams for the past 3 years. BB creams have just recently entered the American market, but they've been around in Korea for yeeeaars. I personally think the korean brands are much better, but they are harder to find/purchase. I can assure you that men wearing bb creams is totally normal, for guys in korea at least. They wear it like lotion. I definitely think the right bb cream will be the least likely to exacerbate your acne when compared to heavier foundations/powders. You can read up on the benefits of bb creams, but basically they include a whole lot of "good things" for your skin like spf protection, brightening elements for scars, moisturizer, acne-fighting medication, etc. My dermatologist has recently been selling the bb cream i've been using for years, which tells me its truly dermatologist-approved! I use a korean brand called Dr G (not Dr Jart).

BB creams, however, do not offer as full of a coverage as a heavier liquid/cream foundation would. This may be something that you're looking for as you dont want something too noticeable. The coverage is somewhere between a tinted moisturizer and a liquid foundation. Hope that helps and good luck!

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I'm a girl, but I think bb creams are great. Also seconding that I think the korean brands are better. They are more difficult to track down as you usually can't just go to a store and buy them (unless you happen to live near a H Mart or something, I think they might have some), but the bigger issue is swatching them to see what fits your skin tone. Otherwise, they're pretty easy to find on ebay or sasa if you know what you want, and they're cheaper than the US counterparts, too.

They're touted as a miracle all-in-one, but just fyi, most people who use them still use them mostly as makeup. They aren't really meant to replace your moisturizer or sunscreen, they just have that added benefit.

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