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Uk Users - What's Your Favourite Mineral Foundation?

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Hey, so I'm after a mineral foundation but I'm finding it really hard to find one!

I'm in the UK so need recommendations based here.

Currently I am using Estee Lauder Doublewear which I have always loved but they recently changed the formula and now I hate it :( that and I really want something lighter and nicer for my skin, as Double wear is very thick and can give me blocked pores.

I need a lot of coverage and have a yellowy/olive skin tone so I need a brand that can offer good coverage, a good range of yellow/olive shades, something matte as I have very oily skin and something long-wearing. And obviously something that isn't going to irritate my sensitive skin.

Why is it so hard to find a good mineral foundation? :(

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bareminerals is good but its kinda expensive, you can get it in selfridges for 24 pounds... or you could get it on ebay cheaper, but i tend to worry its legitimacy so usually just spend the 24 pounds.

however, for acne and acne marks/scars its not the best coverage..when i use it i find i have to put more than the usual amount on to build up a suitable coverage, i guess it depends on how self conscious you are of your skin and how much cover you need?

i find it runs out quicker for me as well because i use more - but ive been using it for over a year and dont find it to clog my pores or cause breakouts on my VERY acne-prone skin.

i have recently run out but decided to buy a new liquid foundation as it was only 10 pounds.. i am worried though, i havent used liquid foundation for nearly two years so hopefully it wont make me break out! we'll see.

overall, bareminerals is a good mineral foundation. another available in uk stores is Laura Mercier's mineral powder foundation which ive never tried but ive heard some good reviews.. again kinda pricey.

other than that i guess if you dont mind paying the shipping you could get US good mineral brands online such as everydayminerals(which actually may stock in the uk)

one last thing - im constantly seeing online people complaining about mineral foundations that contain the ingredient 'bismuth' are irritating to the skin. so maybe you might want to get a sample and test first, or go for a bismuth free mineral such as cebra mineral powder foundation which is cheaper than the others, though again ive never used it and so cant comment much.

just a few thoughts and ideas :)

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Hi, I used to make my own but even easier, I've just received my samples from this company in spain called u-makeitup.com. They sell all sorts of mineral makeup ingredients but they've just brought on a whole range of mineral foundations, over 20 I think from memory and I've just tried one of them... it looks pretty good. It's quite high coverage which I wanted and they say all their foundations absorb oil well which I really wanted. These may be good for you, the ingredients are pretty pure, only four.

I used to wear bare minerals too and its good but I would agree with larrissa, there's not much coverage unless you keep going over your face and its way too expensive. U-Makeitup's foundations are a really good price and they've got an introductory offer on at the moment. They don't contain that bismuth ingredient that is double trouble and you can order samples that are about 81p each, you don't get much but at least you can try before you buy!

By the way I'm not sure how they do it from spain but I didn't pay much for shipping and my samples arrived super fast and customer service is fantastic...I had a zillion questions!

they might be worth a look. Hope this helped.rolleyes.gif

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